Thursday, October 11, 2012


 Where to start? 
Where to start? 
I know! 

Let's look at some pictures from my wonderful weekend! 

I know I've kept it a BIG secret, but my Jared is in the 

Air Force Academy Band 
Wild Blue Country...
first you've heard, huh? 
Well, here ya go then!
My Air Force cowboy, waiting backstage in Destin, Florida for Wild Blue Country's turn to play. They went on to perform for a large crowd at the Destin Seafood Festival. They were enjoyed, cheered on and made to feel very appreciated for their service to our country!
The weekend started with a parade in the little town of Bonifay, Florida. It was the big Rodeo weekend! Wild Blue Country also played just outside the Rodeo gates and some of the band members sang the national anthem for the opening ceremony.
 Our Jared got to head off with us and visit his grandparents who live in the area...
we had a wonderful time with family and with our boy! 
Smiles for us when he saw us in the parade crowd. 
Playing for the Seafood Festival crowds, and making us so proud!

Though these still shots do not show it they put on a very energized show with lots of fun and lots of wonderful songs. They are touring through Florida right now with many free concerts and appearances so if they are near you please go and support these guys! There are more pictures and videos of their performances on the  Wild Blue Country Facebook page if you want to see more of the band. Once again...a very proud proud mama!