Sunday, January 17, 2010


Finally, after two years I will have all my weekends back. As of last weekend I am officially a person with a masters degree in Integrating the Arts, through Curriculum and Instruction. While I am happy with the accomplishment, I will miss all the ladies I have come to know and love as family. We spent some long hours together, one weekend a month, and we had some crazy times. My family has been so supportive as they usually are with anything I attempt, but I know they will be glad to have me back full time. I can really see a change in my teaching and in my creativity...I have so many ideas for things I want to create and projects I want to do with my students that I feel overwhelmed. I am proud of myself, probably more for this than anything I have every accomplished. Well, excluding my long marriage and wonderful son. Socrates learned to dance at 70...he's my inspiration at 55. The image I posted is a Mandala of my masters journey. I make snowflakes online and I used them in my design.