Saturday, March 20, 2010

I stumbled across another blog I started in January today...I had forgotten about it. I did the blog as part of my masters work, a side blog I guess of sorts to go along with another part of the project. When I looked at the blog I discovered I liked what was there and that it was very relevant to the present so I snagged part of the blog and posted it below. We all need the courage to grow up, and at times I feel like I am just growing up in my 50s. I realize nothing really matters but the things you love and the things that just take your breathe away. So from here on out I am going to be courageous! This is a blog of randomness, for me. By the way the pear's in the picture below were taken my a friend's daughter while in Italy...she traveled alone for 10 days...her courage came early in her life...I love the green pears, the simple, yet classic look of them. It's the first day of Spring today...

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