Sunday, December 5, 2010


Let the decorating begin...

 I need a few more Christmas balls for this tree.
I made two...
one is so tall I am not sure
where it will end up.

When finished this tree will be in the center of my dining table.
A shelf in my kitchen filled with silver shakers, plates and such.

My mantle...now white from it's summer painting. The wreath's made on a 10 cent form I bought at my favorite sale, put on by the Macon Historical Society each year. They have the BIG sale and then a few weeks later they have a half price sale...I could still be there digging through all that glorious junk, but someone has to decorate my house.

Borrowed this idea from a blog. I need a little more bow practice.

A peek at the mantle just as I began painting it this past summer...this makes me feel good to see it, because it's proof that I do get some projects finished. Well, sort of...I want to paint the brick fireplace next...that will be some job!
More mantle...want a new fireplace cover also. Or, at least to paint the one I have...tires me to think about all that I want to do.

Here's my new curtains...painter's drop clothes. I like them, but think I'll be adding some bling to them sometime.

So, that's it. Got lots more work to do before ALL my family comes for our Christmas get-together. It will be done, but I just might be too. I really can't wait...I have the craziest bunch of cousins showing up here in about two weeks...FUN!


  1. Ohhhhhh, I love that shade of green! It reminds me of my catnip garden in it's prime! Ah, the memories of the green....the aroma....the taste....oops, sorry, did I just drool on your blog?! Sorry. I'm under control now. Did I mention I LOVE that shade of green?!? Your decorations are wonderful and I'm certain your cousins will love them! Hopefully you will survive the remaining decorating party....



  2. Lovely - glad I'm not the only one to have started the decorating! I love all your shades of green - yum x

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for following my blog! I hope you'll stop in again soon! I'm always glad to meet a fellow southern gal! I'm originally from GA but just moved with my husband to MS. I love your Christmas decore, especially the ball tree! I love all the colors. I'm your newest follower!



  4. Oh wow! I LOVE LOVE that ball tree! I need a tutorial for that! I've seen lots of them before but not with the gorgeous depth yours has!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my PB Inspired Numbers Canvas. It means a lot to me!

  5. You should be very proud of your ornament wreath, I love it! Not everyone has room to hang a 4ft wreath on their wall! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh MY!! That ornament tree is gorgeous. I have not seen anything like that. Your wreath is beautiful as well. I have been collecting ornaments to make one, just have not had the time. Now I am inspired to try a tree....
    Just lovely!!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier...
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Oh I love your tree with all of the ornament balls on it! It's beautiful, and what a wonderful centerpiece it will make. Your white mantel looks so pretty, and your curtains turned out great! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things Sat. laurie