Monday, December 19, 2011


Oh my, it's been over a month since I posted...
just about forgot how to! 
I am still absorbing that Jared will be 
off to Colorado in the next few months, 
I've had my entire family, on my mama's side, 
for our Christmas get together and,
then of course there has been school, and 
all that comes with the holidays at work and at home. 

But here I am now 
I've got great news...

I WON!!!

I did! 

I won the Vintage Tablecloth from Amy at into vintage! 

I love it and I am so excited to add it to my collection! 
Well, I only have one vintage Christmas cloth, 
so it's a small collection, you understand?
But now there are two!

The cloth arrived right smack in the middle 
of all my family 
Christmas festivities 
last Saturday! 
Everything came to a complete halt as we all  
"OOooOOooooOOO'd and Awhhhh'd" over the cloth.

Amy is a beautiful soul! 

When she emailed, to tell me I had won,
she said she was just going to 
"wad it up" 
send it to me. 

You know I got a kick out of that!!
I would have taken that beautiful cloth 
any way I could have gotten it, 
she ironed it;
she folded it beautifully; 
she sent it wrapped,
and tied with a gingham bow, 
adorned with a Christmas card. 

How sweet is that?!

It really is a beautiful piece, 
and I will enjoy it for years to come!

My Christmas is 
off to a very blessed start!!

     I hope you'll pop over to see Amy! 

Amy has a beautiful blog, and a wonderful Etsy shop with lots of vintage items!

So...what do you think?

I hope you all have 
a Christmas 
filled with His love, 
and joy!

Merry Christmas!