Saturday, September 24, 2011


It's time to brag...

My little Primary school is now in the
National Report 
for the 
National Council for the Arts!

We have our own page representing Georgia!

How cool is that?

Last March as part of our 
Youth Art Month 
we had Monet Day in the gym...
we had a blast!

The students drew and painted on 
Promethean Board boxes,
as they watched 
Linnea in Monet's Garden.
A box was used for Monet's boat 
in front of the video screen, 
so students sat in his boat 
and watched the video. 
The kids are always fascinated by his boat and bridge.

The students used the inside corner braces from the boxes
to build Monet's house
or the bridge 
over the waterlily ponds. 
 One year we used these corner braces to create frames,
and the students posed as 
the Mona Lisa or The Scream
inside the frames...
lots of fun!
If it can be recycled I recycle it!
Nothing is safe from the art room...ha!

I'm very honored that the 
Georgia Art Education Association (GAEA)
allowed my students this recognition, 
and that we have had a part in promoting 
the ARTS!

I'm also very proud 
to be an art teacher, 
and have the blessing
of fostering 
the love of art 
in such a wonderful 
group of little ones.



Saturday, September 17, 2011


I walk therefore I junk.

HA! crack myself up sometimes.
 Thought I'd share a few of my most recent JUNK ANGELS...
I'm working hard trying to restock my booth a bit for Christmas and Fall shopping. I've been pricing my burlap sacks and bringing out the dried gourds, as well as, my junk angels. It's hard to part with the angels, but that passes 
as soon as I have my little check in my hands...greedy bugger that I am.
I've posted pictures of the geese I feed when Bill and I are out walking, but our secret fetish while walking is junk hunting. Side bit...I've lost 40 pounds from walking and eating better...apologies for bragging and gloating will come later.
We walk from 2 to 3 miles each time, and as we walk we scout out the ground beneath us. We find all kinds of little junky trinkets, each with the vision of becoming an adornment for a JUNK ANGEL.
The rusty, smashed flat bottle tops are my favorites, with some of the twisty, bent up wire coming in a close second.
Right now, my dining room table is covered in bits and bobbles of junk pieces...actually that has helped in my weight loss...can't get to the table...HA!   Not really!

Here's a couple that are still in the works...