Friday, November 11, 2011


When I was 32 years old, 
life as I'd always known it 
became amazingly more blessed. 
A precious little boy 
became my center of attention 
and it's been one blessing 
after the other since 
that day almost 26 years ago. 

Bill and I were married 3 years 
before he was born, 
but I had his name picked out 
before we ever even started dating. 
I knew one day I would have a Jared Micah, 
even though the last name was up for grabs.  

My Jared Micah is a dear, sweet,
typical boy in many ways. 

He definitely has God's favor 
and most things seem to go his way. 
I truly can not think of anything 
he has set out to do that he didn't achieve. 

He decided one day 
when he was in Middle School 
that he wanted to play the bass guitar. 

We ordered a very inexpensive one for him 
and he never looked back. 

While in high school 
one of his band director 
steered him in the direction 
of an old Double Bass 
being stored 
in the band room attic.
Jared basically taught himself to play,
and it has been his 
constant companion ever since. 

He now has a 
Masters in Jazz Performance.

However, for the last year and a half 
he's been living back at home, 
searching for a job in the music field, 
and making my heart happy 
every time I look at him
and think of all he has achieved. 

Just before one of his symphony concerts.
He's never given us 
any problems of any kind. 

He was always an honor student 
and kept a 4.0 or very close 
all the way through college.  
Even at FSU 
while holding down a job 
as a Grad Assistant 
in the Jazz Studies department. 

I'm certainly a proud and boastful mama, 
but of course he is not perfect...
He does prefer to keep a messy room 
and he tends to leave a trail 
of empty glasses and shoes 
throughout the house. 
All things I can live with, 
but a trait that I pray over for him. 

Playing with the Encore Coda Band in Maine... he's spent the last two summers on faculty there.
Now to the point...
My Jared has just recently 
become a bass player for 
the Air Force Band 
in Colorado Springs, Colorado!! 

My heart breaks that he will be so far from home, 
but that does not take away 
from the pride I have for him 
and his new adventure.

Our Thanksgiving family photo from 2010...
we are all about 40 pounds lighter now...whoohoooo!

It's all been worth it, Jared! 
I love you like a rock!

I hear Colorado is 
a beautiful place to visit!