Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just a little sunny smile for this rainy day.   

You just never know
what moments will
make up the fabric
of an ordinary day.

These are the words of Suzanne from  

you'll want to read her post. 

She shares a very uplifting story of Heather... 

Be ready to sing praises, 
give thanks 
shed some tears.

Best, Vicki

Sunday, January 22, 2012


January and February
bring snow projects galore.
Since we hardly ever see snow here 
in the deep, deep South 
my art students 
the chance to create 
snowmen and snowflakes. 

Most have never actually seen or touched snow and 
some have no idea what a snowflake looks like.

Last week my K-2 art students 
had a ball creating 
We used many different items...

We discussed SYMMETRY, but we also discussed ARTISTS' CHOICE...reason some have  6, 8 or more sides

Come on now...stretch your snowflake imagination.

we junk it up most of the time in my art classes.

Guess you could say these are 
Southern Snowflakes Y'all!

Best, Vicki

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good Girl, Zoey, Good Girl

 Wednesday night, 
a week ago, 
around 10 o'clock, 
we said good bye to our Zoey. 

Bill and Jared buried her out beyond the ivy.
Near the old compost heap 
where she loved to bury 
her biscuits and bones. 
A piece of concrete, 
I scavenged from the roadside, 
now serves as her tombstone. 

A few of the rocks that were lining my flower beds have been carted out there to edge her grave. 

We placed a little concrete Dachshund statue 
that was sitting near the shed
at the head of the grave.
It was a very sad night. 

That night she asked to go outside, as she had done countless times a day and night over the past 15 years.

Jared let her out the side door, 
and she and Gypsy went out 
on one of their adventures. 

Gypsy came back without Zoey that night.

That wasn't that unusual, but after a while
when there was still no Zoey, 
Bill went to investigate. 

He found her near my potting shed.

He came in, told me first, 
then told Jared.

A neighbor gave Zoey to Jared,
when he was around 10 years old. 
Even though he will be 26 next week, 
the little boy and his dog bond 
was still strong. 

He loved her.

We loved her.

She loved us.

Oh, she had some deep dark secrets, as we all do. 

She ate the heads off of some kittens once, 
and she antagonized the moles in our yard, 
as well as, 
anyone walking by our property.

She chased deer, but those pesky, but cute, raccoons, she ignored.

She was stubborn, and very smart.

She loved our cats, and they loved her. 

The day after she died, our cat Violet, 
when asked where Zoey was, 
walked straight to the grave.
She started rolling on the piece of concrete, 
and rubbing against the rocks, 
as if to say her Zoey was resting there.

I do believe the cats, 
Violet and Duncan,
and our Yorkie, Gypsy
understand the events of that night. 

I think they are grieving too.

We are all still expecting to see Zoey in her bed 
or hear her scratch at the door.

She was a very good friend, 
and a wonderful part of our family.
We'll always miss her.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

FIRST POST OF 2012!!!!

shut my mouth, 

Just a few pictures...
Not the year in pictures... 
a few pictures...
I think this looks like a wreath around the bolt.  

 This photo was taken by my cousin, Ronnie. 
He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, 
but he was home visiting for the holidays.

I think once you leave home, 
when you return everything looks different.
Even moss on an old fire hydrant 
can catch your eye in a special way.

 I really don't believe you ever leave home...
you carry it with you. 
(was that on Pinterest? It should be!)

These are a bit random...what's new?
One of the last covered bridges in Georgia...we just stumbled upon it one day.

A door, I just bought...beveled glass and probably close to 100 years old. What do I do first thing? Crack a couple of panes...I'm trying not to talk about it much... it hurts!!!
A memory of fall...  Bill took this one.

Here's a few photos from Christmas...
boy it slipped by fast!

 Front door wreath got all netty this year!
 I took the bow off of this one,
and hung it on the side door 
for a Winter wreath.

 The bows on this tree really need changing, 
but my mama made them,
and this was her tree. 
I rework it almost every Christmas...
change it up a bit, 
but those bows stay put!

What is that red container? 
Well, just hold on I'll tell you!


It's the bottom of a grill...or maybe the top.

It dresses up well, dontcha think?

And now for these lovely lovelies...whatever they are!!??

I found them at a yard sale...don't act surprised now!

They are beautiful, 
and I used them to add some height 
to the mantle this Christmas.

Not sure what others thought, but I thought they worked really well.

I saw them as shelf brackets when I bought them, 
but so far that hasn't worked out.

They are still on the mantle,
so they may have found their spot for the time.


Best, Vicki