Friday, September 28, 2012


EXODUS 14:14

Some of my favorite scenes from the stillness of Maine.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Let me tell you about my sweet friend! 
You may already know her...if you are one of the blessed ones. 
I first met her through Junk Market Style...
my favorite JUNKIN' spot. 
This was a few years ago when some of us junkers were discovering there were others out there who loved creating from JUNK.  
Now, I'm not in the same JUNK realm as she is...
she is far more talented than I am when it comes to decorating 
and creating with a junking eye. 
And she hangs around with the junk queens and kings 
or maybe they could be called the junk jesters...
they are some humorous folks from what I can tell. 

When she started a blog, 
I found out she was just Chipping with Charm
As an extra blessing, 
as many of my Junk Market Style friends have, 
she became my friend on Facebook. 
But I'm friends with her and not the commercial side of her...
there's a lot of that going around on Facebook, ya know? 
You can BELIEVE whatever you want, 
but she's a very dear friend. 
Sure, I only know her from her profile pictures, 
and what I've gathered about her from reading her blog, 
or snooping her Facebook page, 
but I BELIEVE I know enough to know the kind of person she is.  
She's a sincerely sweet person, who loves God and is not afraid to glorify Him. 
She's a wonderful mother, wife and JUNK artist. 
She's my caring, encouraging, listening and generous friend...she's Laurel! 

Not too long ago, 
just after I found out I had breast cancer, 
I was chatting with another sweet junking, blogging, facebooking friend, Lezlee on Facebook, of course. 
We were discussing the decorating virtues of old rusty springs and I commented about some I have in a chair that I wanted to use, but also wanted to keep them in tack. Sweet Laurel chimed in and the rest is history... 

Since I was diagnosed so many have blessed me with meals and gifts, and I am so grateful to everyone!

 But this one gift means so much to me.
It represents what happens when you  

When you believe in 
your heart, 
your instincts, 
your friends 
most importantly
When you BELIEVE you are blessed!
The package of springs have sure brighten up this time for me. 
I've been able to put some of the reality of my life right now out of my mine for a bit.
I've been creating...
I used some of Laurel's springs to bring a little funkiness to my fall decorating...
I've had fun and took a break from my worries. 

Thank you, Laurel,
lots of HUGS back to you too!  

Chat soon!


 I love the collages, but thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photos a little closer...Savannah Granny I am not when it comes to tablescapes...I still have to change out a few things, but you can get an idea of where I'm heading with the springs and things.