Wednesday, April 17, 2013



   I'd like to introduce you to...


We adopted her from craigslist,
with a small re-homing fee...
of course.

The ad said
"Valentine's Yorkie!

Well, yeah, the ad was a bit misleading...
there's Yorkie there,
but you have to be open minded about that.

The craigslist "dealer"
 would never tell us what she is mixed with,
and the photo sent of her Yorkie mother
was a little questionable.

However, when we rendezvoused
with the craigslist "dealer"
under the Publix parking lot lights...
we fell in love with Sophie.

It was dark and it seemed a bit shady,
so we handed over our fee and took off with her.   


She has tried to be a sweet girl...
a little lady, just like our Gypsy.

That said, she's still a little rough around the edges.

Course she is only a puppy, just 4 months old now.
Also, she has two Yorkies to compete with,
but she holds her own there.

She's very happy with her new family,
and she loves unconditionally...
even the cats, Duncan and Violet.
The Sophie verdict is still out with them, however.

Sophie's learning what's expected in our home,
and she really wants to please...once she remembers to get her stubbornness out of the way.

She is easily influenced by Jackson and Gypsy,
and none of them seem to realize that she doesn't have
the full Yorkie royal blood that they do.

She worships Jackson like a child worships a teen.
She tries to do everything he does, and she thinks she can.
er size prevents her sometimes, but as she becomes a bigger girl, she surprises even herself.
She strutted for days after getting big enough to steal Jackson's spot on the back of my chair.

She either grabbed his bandana by mistake or she is putting fear into him by showing what she'll do if he doesn't behave.

Jackson (another craigslist find) is an old man compared to her, and as active as he is,
she sometimes zaps his energy when they play.

She zaps my energy at times too,
but that's easy to do at the moment.
She's an odd looking girl, but as she grows into herself
she is turning into a pretty little thing.

Just a little info about the craigslist ad...
Valentine's Yorkie!
The night we brought her home I went back to read the ad. 

Someone had posted another ad saying...

This ad stated that they were being advertised as Yorkies,
BUT they are just mutts!!

Oh well, we're a mixed family now,
AND that's how it was meant to be.
So what do you think she is a mix of?

We say a mini schnauzer...
we are calling her a...