Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hello, I'm Vicki and I have a pumpkin problem...
I can't stop making them.
It began innocently with an old sweater
my husband would be wearing this winter, holes and all,
if I hadn't snitched it last year and hid it in my closet.

My original idea was to cut the bottom off of it
and make an infinity scarf,
but now that fall is in the air,
I started thinking sweater pumpkins.

From sweater pumpkins came any kind of fabric 
I could lay my hands on pumpkins. 
(go ahead, say that 3 times)

I love them all, but my favorite is one made
from a very stiff, old paint rag.
Actually, it's an old handkerchief of my daddy's
that I used for a paint rag.
Being the junker artist that I am I couldn't toss it
because the paint turned the handkerchief
such a pretty ocher color.
My weird junk hoarding paid off,

 this pumpkin has a lot of personality about it.


Come on, don't tell me your pumpkins don't have personality?
Later Tater, got to make more pumpkins before bedtime.

Have a

Sunday, September 1, 2013


A few years ago I came upon a website for junkers. 
Until that time I never realize there were others who shared my love for re-purposing and bringing cast off items a new life. 
I thought I was the only one with a sickness for
curbside shopping and junk love. 
I soon found out, to my relief, 
there were many junk artists out there. 
Many who understood me and understood 
how a little rust and age 
can make your heart melt.

They got it! 

They too were Visionary or Junk Artists.

This wonderful site is

It's a wonderful place because it is full of creativity 
and  junk art. 
However, what makes it extra special is the friendships 
I have gathered from the other artists 
who post their creations and comments there. 
Because of this site I began blogging and became friends with Lezlee, Laurel, Alice, Linda, Marie and Midge. 
There's also Kathy, Sue and Jim that I count as friends too. 

We've all moved on to be Facebook friends also.

For those who think computer time is a waste I must disagree. Without my laptop connection to these people my life would be a lot less richer.
They make me smile.
They look in on me to make sure I am doing well.
Their prayers went up for me
when they discovered I had breast cancer.
They helped me through.
This group of friends also inspire me and feed my creativity. They encourage me and listen.
That's what friends do, right?

Today we are all very much in shock and very saddened to learn that our friend Midge passed away.
Most of us have never met Midge in person,
but all of us will miss her.
I will miss her wit and creativity.
I'll miss her willingness to share ideas.
I'll also miss hearing about her family
and sharing in little bits of their lives.
How blessed we all were to know Noreen Midgley
and call her our junking friend.

Rest peacefully Midge and have fun junkin' in heaven.

                                                                                                                                                             Midge's  Facebook photo