Friday, October 30, 2009

Today is Friday and I must finish art projects for my masters program...class is next weekend and I have barely started anything. I only have 3 more classes of this wonderful program left. I will miss the gals in my class, but everyone is ready to move on. I am creating a garden totem for one project and a mandala for another...I need some inspiration for that one. I am going in several directions and can't seem to zero in on an idea. One thing is for certain I work better under pressure so this weekend I should get finished.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today I am leisurely enjoying time alone while my husband attends meetings. I have walked by the pool and the beach, and I also sat while a TV crew filmed the Three Tenors. I have had an enjoyable day. I like things slow paced so all of this is perfect for me. While I have this quite time alone I am planning my next art project. It will be a personal mandala from found objects. I am also completing sketches of a mural I will be painting on my new garden shed. In few months I will have completed my masters degree and these projects are for an Arts and Society course that is the final part of the program, before my thesis. I am attending Lesley University through a cohort program and I am having the most wonderful learning experience.