Friday, April 16, 2010

Recently a Folk Art Pottery friend asked me to share her Antique Mall booth. I was ecstatic! This mall is very select and it's very difficult to acquire a booth there. It's large and could take hours to see the entire  mall, but her booth is right near the front...prime real estate! 
I was faced with the task of creating something that would compliment her art and still be true to my creativity. So I came up with Plunder Junk Angels. Making angels from junk is not a new idea, I know, but I don't think there are any quite like these anywhere in the mall. I used some of the tiny clay face pendants she creates as some of the angels' faces, but mostly they are total junk finds.
I used to get into trouble as a little girl for my plundering. I still recall my Granny's scolding when I was around 6 or so for plundering in her attic. I guess this *junkingitis* was kicking in way back then...it's the hunt that is the most fun sometimes, right? Anyway, that is why I called them Plunder Junk Angels. I also placed some of my garden totems in the booth, but it is the angels that really stand out.


  1. These are so great! Good luck on your new adventure! Lezlee

  2. Thanks! I have begged and pleaded to get in this mall, and when I gave up this opportunity just fell in my lap...well actually it was all the praying I did and His timing, right?

  3. Yeah, its funny how we can always trace it back to God's working in our lives. Thanks so much for adding this to my Prior Lives Party, these angels have had a few! Lezlee

  4. No problem, got it fixed! thanks for joining the party!