Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, do you want to see some ugly pumpkins? 

Some so ugly until they are cute.

Ok, you asked for it!

heeerrrre they are...

Papier-mache Pumpkin

Started with a bunched up grocery bag and lots of crumbled paper. 

Held together with masking tape. Then covered with orange, pink or yellow tissue paper and finally painted to cover places missed.
Isn't the pumpkin orange pretty next to that blue?
A mess of 2nd grade pumpkins!

We learned about 2D and 3D; about ellipses, ovals and overlapping. We learned art takes time, and patience and really good smocks. We learned everything is more than just one color, and that red and yellow make orange. Most of all we had fun!

 This is by Joshua, a high school student who frequents my room in the afternoon while waiting for his mom, our P.E. Para, to finish up her duty. He likes to talk about ART and catch me up on his classes. Another one of the blessings of working with lots of wonderful people...you're blessed to know their children. Joshua told me that the pumpkin I drew as a sample was funny looking and weird. 
So he drew this one to help me out;0)

We have been into pumpkins in my art room this year. I found a papier-mache 
pumpkin plan on ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS.
It was for a bigger pumpkin, and I see now she inspired others to create smaller ones. She has a post on her blog now of pumpkins made in Barcelona, Spain. Those students used bands to make the sections of the pumpkins and we did not. Also, they probably did true papier-mache on their pumpkins...we did my version for times sake and in order to guarantee success for all abilities. I see close to 600 students a week, with 220 or so being the second graders that created these pumpkins. I have to make sure I keep them all happy with their art...and keep my sanity. Then there are those standards to teach...lots of things to incorporate in each lesson. 
This one project lead to pumpkin paintings, pumpkin drawings and pumpkins everywhere!
All students were so proud of their work!
Linus needs to come hang out in my room now.


  1. These are fun and messy looking...I would hate to see your room, lol! Lezlee

  2. How fun! I'll bet your students had a great time!

  3. Bet the kids had fun making that lot! I love it when I see them triumphantly bearing off their art work home to show their parents - such happy proud beaming little faces

  4. Thanks for visiting my site. Don't you just love south Georgia? We are truly blessed to live here. Love Perry, my husband traveled there for his work. He is now retired.
    Love your blog. I know you love your job. Seeing those beautiful faces each day must be inspiring. Love the pumpkins and Josh's work as well.
    Please visit any time. Ginger