Friday, August 31, 2012


I snitched this from someone on Facebook so I can't give credit exactly, but it ain't mine. The words would be mine however if I had created it. I didn't get the news I wanted yesterday from my Dr. It is not the worst of the worst and we all know cancer is never fair. The Dr. was shocked and so were we. I did have clear lymph nodes and clear margins BUT the pathologists found a little more in a node on the edge of the doctor's margins. What's that mean anyway? Well, I either have to have more surgery or just zap that sucker with some radiation and chemo. As it would go the Oncologist I am to see is on vacation next week...imagine, didn't he know I'd be calling? Anyway, someone is looking at my charts...it's a big practice and someone is there. I should know soon which direction I am going. 
Am I scared? Yes 
Am I worried? No 
Concerned? Yep! 
I know in my heart of hearts that this is not going to be easy, cancer doesn't just lay back and let you walk over it.  I'm an enigma according to my surgeon...I told him not to sweet talk me. I'd just a soon not be one, but I've always been strange...sweet, but strange.
It ain't over til the fat lady sings or so they say...I've gain back 12 pounds so there ya go. I am not making light of this...it is serious, but I have that peace that passes all understanding. I am not alone...got my family, my friends and my God. 

I am having more food brought to me than we will ever eat! I appreciate every bit of it too...it's good! It's so great to be southern, where your friends feed you and pray with you!
I'm getting happy texts and more inbox messages on Facebook than I can keep up with...I'm getting used to watching The View and I love Nate Berkus...I'm good! I do wish HGTV would lose all the episodes of House Hunters!! Enough already! I say Junk Gypsies and Hometown Renovation all around! And where has Joan Steffen gotten off to? I miss her smile!

I do miss my students and I am worried about what they think happened to Mrs. Andrews...she was here one day and not the next. They love art with me and I do have a great sub, but is she letting them just make art without worrying if it's right or not? You can not make mistakes in my class, unless you just don't listen and you don't behave yourself...we all behave like primary age in there anyway. I'll go back soon though, I think. 
Thank you for being here to listen, or for acting like you are. Please keep the prayers I cherish so much coming my way! I love knowing some of you are out there. Smile lots!


  1. You have a wonderful attitude. I am praying, have prayed, will pray. LOve, Olive

    1. Thank you Sweet Olive Cooper! Depending on prayers! Love!

  2. Still praying my friend!! Love your beautiful spirit...Cancer IS serious, but sometimes laughter is good medicine too. God is good!! Hugs, Laurel