Monday, May 20, 2013


 I am so grateful that so much has been going on in MY LIFE!!

It just makes me HAPPY!

So grateful I can say that, and so HAPPY for just simple things.

Simple things like going to work...

 As you can see from the school announcements clip,
I've returned to work after being out for 7 months!
Most students remembered me.
I received flowers and cakes and so many get well wishes.

Makes me so HAPPY!

I am quite the celebrity now, especially with the PK kids.
I don't teach this age, but they know the Art Teacher.

Everyday, while I was away, one of  the PK classes sang,
"We Wish You Well!"

How sweet is that??!!
One little one yelled
excitedly, "She's in the building!!!"
I have been so touched by the care and love everyone
at school has sent my way!!

I am HAPPY to be back in my art room!!!

A few more things that have made me HAPPY lately...

Walking the Survivors Walk at Relay For Life... hand and hand with my best friend and husband.

Notice my hair is finally coming in, but very slowly!
This makes me HAPPY too!

Both of us are cancer survivors!


Three of my cousins honored me with luminaries.


Amazing how HAPPY a bag or cup with your name on it can make you feel!



Our son, Jared, is coming home this summer!

He sent me
a Facebook message

a few days ago saying
he had his plane ticket, and he would be heading home soon. This mama can barely keep from shouting from the rooftops!


I was so HAPPY with all the excitement on my porch!
ife was happening out there and a Mama Wren was

announcing it daily.

Everyday I got to watch the Mama Wren in action as she swooped in,
through the pet door,
to feed and nurture her babies...
happiness turned to sadness

Baby Wrens that were born on our
screened porch,
in an old watering can, tried to spread their wings and fly.
Out of 3 only one lived and is experiencing life outside the porch.

Here is the mother and one of the babies.
A snake was later found near the watering can,  probably looking forward to a Wren supper.

Not HAPPY that a snake was on
my porch!!

Made me HAPPY to see the babies trying so hard to find their freedom.

Here is another baby holding on to our
stained glass window...
I think this is the one still out there in the trees somewhere.
Mama Wren is unaware
at least 2 of her babies are not going to survive.

She built her nest just above the porch sofa
where the cats sleep most of the time.

What was she thinking??!!

When I discovered they were flying off,
Sophie had one baby in her mouth,
but I think she stole it from the cats.

It was a three ring circus for a while on the porch
and I guess the snake was under the sofa
watching the entire time...life at our zoo!

I am HAPPY one baby made it off the porch.

I went back to work just in time for summer break, and yes after a month of working just 1/2 days I am ready!!


I am



Please pray for the people in Oklahoma. My friend, Tricia's daughter lives in Moore, OK. Her children attend the school that was damaged, where 7 children died. The world is so small, our lives in GA are touched by sadness for our GA friends in OK.
I am HAPPY to say that as far as we know now, Kelly and her babies are safe!



  1. So much happiness and positivity coming at me from this post - well done Vicki - nice one :) xxx We have just been watching the news and were struck dumb at the power and destruction of the tornado. We also saw an interview of a woman standing in the middle of a pile of sticks that had been her home and she was talking about her dog that had got lost during the storm when, as the interview came to an end, her dog appeared beneath the debris - a little dazed and shaken - but very alive - xxx

  2. I love you Vicki Andrews! You are beauty FULL.
    Jaynie Mae

  3. This post (except for the baby birds) made me smile so much, Vicki! I am glad you have so much HAPPY right now! XO

  4. Awww...sounds like you have lots of "happy" going on in your world right now!! You deserve it!! I LOVED your beautiful picture on FB. Bless you friend...hugs, Laurel