Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 I found this on ChIC vInTiQuE and thought...

How did she know?!

Of course I haven't stopped cleaning my house!
It's clean enough for us.
(wink, wink)

Really, I've always decorated my soul. 
I'm an artsy person...we do that!
However, as I walk through my valley now,
that's even more important to me...
the house will always be there.

I've taken to decorating my soul even more.
This is how I did it last Sunday...

 The church in Musella, Georgia

 Crepe Myrtles the Queen of the South...at least to me.

 It's rusty...that's good enough for me!

 Loved this hall tree!
It was sitting on the peach house porch.
Peach packers and packing machines were behind it.
You could lean on the hall tree as you looked down below at all the commotion of the peach house.
An odd combination, but it decorates the soul.
(who's that bald lady in the pink hat?)

 Have no idea what this is, but it's rusty so, well, you know?
Decorates my soul!

General store just across from the peach house.

 Peach packers eat their lunches here,
under the shed and sitting on these benches.
This thought just made me smile.
While no one was here then, the thought of the laughter and stories shared here was nice.

 We left Musella and moved on to Thomaston, Georgia...

 One of my favorite places was closed,
but their porch front displays
decorated my soul big time!

 Wings on the front doors of
Rescue Me Market...
kinda appropriate for me, dontcha think?

I have many angels watching over me.

 Got to go back for a birdfeeder!!
These are made from tires.

 It's rusty dontcha know?


 Ended this wonderful day exploring this covered bridge.

 Are you decorating your soul?
What have you given
yourself lately?

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  1. That general store is amazing. Makes me want to buy a Coke in a bottle and sit out there on the bench. Your soul thanks you for all the decoration!