Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last October as I was sitting on my stoop, 
stylin' in my hot pinks 
and taking a drag on my cigar I decided to create a blog
Mostly because I had to create a website as part of my masters thesis and because I was curious and wanted to see what it was all about. 
Little did I dream it would be catalyst to so many
wonderful things in my life now.  
Before creating the blog for my masters 
I decided to create one for myself first. 
During my masters program I had a movement class. 
In that class I was introduced to the  
More Powerful Beyond Measure quote. 
This quote gave me so much strength
that I decided to give my blog that title.
Also, during a class I had to create a power point self portrait.
In that power point I referred to myself as Art Teacher Girl
That is also my name on Junk Market Style 
so it was fitting to add that to my blog.  
At first I thought it would just be a blog about my art students' work, 
my art classroom and my art. 
However, because I am a bit of a junker, 
and an all over the place sort of girl,
my blog has turned out to be a little bit of everything that is my life. 
It's uniquely eclectic...
just like me.

I don't have a give away like others have on their Blogiversary. I'm sorry, I'm not much into that sort of thing...hardly ever join parties and such. 
I enjoy reading posts that parties create though, and seeing what all of you out there are up to.

I do have one give away of sorts though...
I give you all a big heartfelt "Thank You!" for being my blogging friends 
and for accepting me into your blog land homes. 
Thank you for acknowledging me with your comments, 
and for your encouragement daily. 
Thank you for inspiring me with your words, projects and humor. 
It has been a blast this year and here's to many more.

May we all continue to be More Powerful Beyond Measure!

 Later Taters,

P.S-Surely you know that wonderful lady in the photo is not me...
my glasses are different.
And I've never smoked anything in my life, but I have had some hot pinks.
Also, my other blog that I created as part of my thesis is titled
Art Ed Works. It is just a shell of a blog, only did enough to get me by for the assignment. I am honored though to have several followers...cracks me up a bit, but still honored.


  1. Congrats on your milestone, Vicki! Mine is soon, too! Love the funny photo, too...and no, I didn't think it was you! LOL!

  2. Happy Blog Day! I am so thankful you made a blog. I would never have gotten to know you and I truly cherish our friendship! Love, Lezlee

  3. Congratulations, Vicki! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  4. Congratulations! As you know I've only just celebrated my first year, and I agree with it being a blast! I look back and think that there are little things in my day that if it wasn't for my blog I would clean forgotten by now! Bring it on Vicki - here is to many many more!! x