Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There's a poem that ends with the line...
We do not become southern, we are born that way. 

Being born southern means 
you are not accustomed 
to snow, sleet and ice, 
driving in those conditions. 

Being born southern means that should it snow, 
everything pretty much shuts down, 
schools are closed
every loaf of bread and gallon of milk 
are cleared from the grocery shelves. 

Being born southern means 
that if the weather guy even hints at snow,
you get giddy and excited, 
no matter your age.

Being born southern, 
or just being blessed to be in the south
that today you were honored to view 
one of God's most beautiful handy works.

These are photos from 
around my little part 
of the South today.
Out of school today, 
and tomorrow.
Snuggled inside 
with a beautiful fire, 
my two guys, 
4 confused pets. 


All dressed in his tux and ready to play!

My Jared, 
a professional musician, 
was to play for Georgia's new Governor 
today during inauguration festivities. 

Due to the weather 
all events,
but the swearing in, 
were canceled for today. 
However, they have been rescheduled 
for next weekend. 

So he still has the honor of playing.

He did get to play at the 
Governor's Mansion in Atlanta yesterday, 
but they had to head home quickly 
to beat the icy weather.

I'm one iced in proud mama!

Everybody be safe and stay warm!


I'm going to join Mary for Mosaic Monday...
scoot over for a visit...
lots of beautiful work! 

and while you are at it...
visit my crazy friend, 
over at  
Karen has been real busy 
and went AWOL 
from blogging 
for a bit. 

She really is a friend of mine, 
we live in the same town, 
and have worked at the same school.

I just happened upon her blog one day...
I had no clue she had a blog...
it's wonderful.

she has posted 
about a folk artist 
who lives in our neck of the woods. 
You might enjoy reading about 
Miz Thang.

Have you left yet?!!


  1. Lovely photos, Vicki! The ice is much harder to deal with than the snow...we stay home with ice, too!

  2. As a Southern girl too (Southern African!!) I also have that love/hate relationship with ice and snow. It's beautiful to look at, take pictures of and occasionally (if warmly wrapped up) fun to play in, but here's the rub - the getting the boys to school over the moors - not good, the slipping and sliding to work - not that good either, the panic buying in the shops (and I live in the north of a northern hemisphere country - you'd think they could cope!)
    I do love the fire crackling away and the ability to snuggle up and craft, but I do seriously miss the sun and being warm!

  3. In Southern California anytime we experience rain the media terms it "Storm Watch (fill in the year)" -- so we must qualify as Southerners. What an honor for Jared and you!

  4. This Southern Gal has had enough of this ice. That is what we have ice, not snow by the way and it's a big ole mess. I am cabin feverish and ranting please forgive me. Your son looks handsome and how fabulous to be playing at the Ball in Atlanta!

  5. Hi Vicki, well you have lots of fun stuff going on :)
    Your pictures are beautiful...hope you enjoyed your "ice" day...as a stay home momma, I love snowy days...and we've had even more than usual here in Minnesota. I think it might be different if I had to hit the highways to work though...stay warm and take care. Laurel

  6. That Jared is looking good, does he get nervous...I would and then I would think, now I have to wait longer still. What an honor to be chosen...We had a late start one morning, being a lake community we worry about ice on bridges..., but I worry about our pipes freezing...we've redone the plumbing, but need to do our underpinning, again...old houses. We bought new living room furniture, but it has been delayed, because of snow..lol, I just remembered I was commenting and not e-mailing, so I'll just close in saying I love your mosaic, especially the bottle tree! Hey, I think Southern gals are a little long winded, if you take me for an example,

  7. Vicki, I just tried to e-mail you and the noreply thingy came up...did you turn it off when you were redoing your blog?Lezlee

  8. edit the settings...Lezlee, you probably just unchecked the box...

  9. Hi there,
    I love your blog. I wanted to be an Art Teacher, but never happened. My daughter is a teacher, so it's like my dream come true. Your writing is very heartwarming to read, I too have lost many family members all too young.
    Keep warm,

  10. You got all of the Southern traits down to a science! Love your blog. Thanks for being a follower of mine. New follower!