Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Shutter!

Got 'em!

I sure did!  
I brought home a truckload of old screens, 
shutters and a few doors too.
           Even brought home an old, chippy, potty chair!
Wonder how many little bottoms graced this precious chair...

I felt so greedy!
So, I didn't get any windows 
or the little green child's chair...
(the chair was green, not the child.)

After we arrived home I realized 
I also didn't get one of the doors 
I really wanted either...

I think with all the loading 
securing down of all the pieces,
I just neglected to get the last door.
We had already taken half of the freebies off the truck when I made this photo.
     Oh well, I got enough and more may come along.
Just feast your eyes on all that beautiful crackling, chipping paint...sigh

Now for the pièce de résistance; 
the icing on the craigslist free stuff cake; 
the tower of piza 
the smile on the Mona Lisa...

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she wonderful?
Can you read the label to see what she is?
This is her beautiful back all covered with cobwebs.
She's a cabinet made to store lace.
 Not sure, but maybe those metal clamp like pieces were for wrapping the lace around. I love the way they look...love that junky stuff you know.

   See the lace inside the drawer markers? Beautiful!!

 When we've cleared all the dirt dauber houses out 
all the cobwebs 
dirt are gone, 
I am going to glaze her and seal her, I think. 
Basically, leave her just as she is now, only better.
I really like the old lace in the markers 
we even found a few pieces inside. 
I know I said it before, but...
Isn't she lovely?

The folks who gave us all these precious things today we're just good people! 
They wanted nothing more than to make sure others got some use out of these things, 
to save them from being destroyed. 

As for the Lace Cabinet, 
it wasn't listed for free,
but he gave it to me because 
I was so taken with it. 
Just good people!

God is in everything, 
even craigslist freebies.

Y'all have a blessed week!

I'm joining the fun with Common Ground for 
Vintage Inspiration Friday



  1. Be still my heart! You did good...all that beautiful white chippy paint....love it all. Now as far as that chair is concerned and your question about how many bottoms have sat upon it.....well, obviously one too many!

    Can't wait to see the lace cabinet all cleaned up....it's a wonderful piece.

    Happy Presideht's Day,

  2. I cannot wait for part two of this post. You surely would love to get turned loose in Joe's sheds...old stuff and scads of cobwebs.

  3. Oh, my gosh to goodness! Wow, I love it all and that cabinet...to wonderful. Now, you are going to be oh so busy! Lezlee

  4. Vicki, this stuff is really amazing...you really scored on this lot!!

  5. Okay, so "she" was sighing and oh-ing and ah-ing over all the chippy shutters and doors. I told "her" to pace "herself" or else "she" would fall off the barstool and hurt "herself". Then "she" got to the part about all that being FREE and I could hear her heart like a bunch of stampeding cows.....I thought that this was certainly not a good sign and hoped that the post was almost over....and then the picture of the lace cabinet appeared.....and now "she" is on the floor....do you think I should call 911 and tell them that the cows got "her"????



  6. I'm having a heart attack here! All the doors, shutters and potty chair are amazing, but that cabinet is super duper amazing. Can't wait to see it all cleaned up.

  7. WOW! What wonderful gifts. That cabinet is just wonderful. What a blessing!

  8. Hi Vicki! Just dropping by to say thanks for following my blog: http://yardencollections.blogspot.com
    Hope to post more this spring. Looking after 3 blogs can be a bit of work at times. Sandra

  9. OH MAN! that one door is Perfect! Id love too have access too those kinds of things its difficult in alaska!!! What do you have in mind too do with them!? cant wait too see!