Wednesday, April 6, 2011

 Never a dull moment in my corner of the world.  
Weekend before last, just after I left the Antique Mall
after moving into my new booth, 
high winds and terrible weather struck very close to the mall.
It damaged many businesses around the mall and even blew the roof off of a nearby hotel. 
Thankfully, no one was hurt and the mall was spared...that time.

 Last night, GA rocked and roll with tornadoes, 
high winds and thunder storms. 
Along with some of the sharpest lightening most had ever seen. 
The Antique Mall was not as fortunate this time.
The mall sits beside I-75 and for over 20 years had
a huge peach tower as a landmark.  
That peach tower came tumbling down 
last night and damaged it's namesake. 
Fortunately again no one was injured there, 
though 5 people died in our area from the storms.

Bill called me on his way to work after seeing the big peach tower against the mall building this morning. I was concerned all day about the people there, the damage, and of course my booth. 
Praise the Lord, all is well!
There's a huge hole in the ceiling, and I am sure some people had damage to their booth, but thankfully no one was injured.
I sure hope this is the last of the excitement there!
Well, at least the scary excitement...
there was a special visitor there last week! 
Here's Carson Kressley and sweet Heather...she works at the Peach.
Of course, he showed up on a day I wasn't working my booth. 

 So there you have it...life in the booth fast lane. 
Hope the sun shines for a while!

The video is news coverage about today's storm damage at 
The Big Peach Antique Mall.

Listen to the sweet southern accents:-)



  1. I think he was one of the judges for my tree house, if so I have an email from him.

    Glad you are ok, we have had some extreme weather this year! Lezlee

  2. It's not the sort of excitement you would want! The weather is definitely getting more temperamental these days, glad your booth survived especially after all your hard work

  3. I am glad all is well. My dear friend and neighbor has a tree limb through her roof.