Saturday, March 13, 2010

My favorite kind of Saturday! Yard Sales, Estate Sales and Fresh Market shopping. Today was the annual Peaches to Beaches Yard Sale. Stretches from Middle Georgia to the Coast...one of these years I am going to do the sale all the way to the beaches. This morning because I had to go and get my hair botched up...she did a good job too, I have a big gap over my right ear,well anyway... I did not have time to do much of the sale. I am excited about two purchases...30 burlap and 30 heavy tarp like material bags. I plan to make the burlap bags into pillows. I'm going to stamp on them...initials, Fleur De Leises etc...they are about 16 x 12 in size. I am debating going back for more. At $2 a stack of 30 I can't go wrong. Can't decide about the yellow heavy tarp like ones...they are a bit on the ugly side. I also bought some carpenter tool boxes...love them for planting herbs in, and storing magazines. Also bought some wire design thingys, that I think are for canning, but I just liked the design. Probably not an exciting day for most, but for a junker it was a heavenly day...even with the rain and the gap in my hair.

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