Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today was an exciting day in my art classroom. In October I submitted a request to Donors Choose for canvases for my second grade students. The lesson plan is titled "Landscape Escape!" For the entire year we have studied landscapes and how to paint and draw them. I am a major "recycler" and I wanted my students to be able to create a painting on a real canvas, instead of the cardboard and paper we have always used. My students create art on everything I can salvage and they have so much fun, but they need to know about traditional art supplies. Fortunately, two different donors came through for my kids. Today I introduced the canvases to one of my second grade classes. What a successful project! I will be posting some photos soon! Students wrote Thank You notes today after painting their landscape...they are beautiful!!


  1. These students are so lucky to have such a caring teacher and one that is still excited about the subject she teaches. Lezlee

  2. Awhh thanks Lezlee! We had a blast with the canvases! If your school doesn't know about donorschoose.org please pass the word on to them...it's a wonderful program!
    I am excited about art and I love teaching it, some days more than others however. This week has been one of those wish it were time to retire weeks, man did the kids ever have energy this week. Still it's the best job the Lord could have blessed me with... so much fun!