Thursday, March 25, 2010

If you have never spent a week with kids 5-7 years old who know they will soon be out of school for a week, then you ain't lived! For this art teacher spring break can not get here fast enough!!
Because it is Youth Art Month we are having Free Art in the art room. We've created Cylinder Sculptures using construction paper scraps, Stained Glass Eggs and recycled Tic Tac boxes into stained glass rectangles. We've painted; played with clay and used magnetic letters to spell art words that we see around the room. We've read art books, built with Abstack Blocks, built the Eiffel Tower from the tiny blocks AND used coffee cans, Styrofoam, sponges, and cardboard packing thingys to become architects. All of this with close to 750 kids for about 4 weeks and I am about to become well...a headline in some newspaper..."Art Teacher Seen Running from Art Room, Leaving Kids Covered with Paint!" News at 11!
There's been so much learning going on, and they have had so much fun! But enough already! While they have managed to be fairly productive, they have been on the ceiling with energy and talking. Not just normal, art room talking, but playground screaming and chatter, chatter, chatter.  I have barely been able to give instructions. These aren't bad kids, these are excited kids! 
Well, I'd had all I could stands and I can't stands no mo...so outside we went today. We painted on the school walls with plain water, and drew on the sidewalks with chalk...we had ourselves a little art party! I felt the feeling I had years ago when I first started teaching art...this is why I love my job, this is why I am an art teacher! The kids discovered so much about art today, they forgot about spring break and were actually only excited about art and their new found way to create. Who would have dreamed water in coffee cans, old brushes and chalk could sooth these savage baby beasts? It was a wonderful day in art!! And tomorrow is the LAST day before break!!


  1. Thank you SO much for your comments and encourging words! It is scary, but like you, it's something I've wanted to do for SO long! I teach 3rd grade, and I couldn't agree more! You haven't lived until you spend some quality time with kids! They are such a kick and they keep me young! We no longer have an art teacher, so your kids are so fortunate. I love art myself and think it is a powerful learning tool, especially for my special needs kids. Again, thanks! Take care! Hugs, Marie

  2. lol, I remember those activities when I worked in preschool, Head Start, Hang in there, the worst is yet to come!Ha Ha, April is going to be a long month if today is any indication! You are doing a great job! Lezlee

  3. Hey, what cha' been makin'?...I appreciate all your kind words, Lezlee

  4. I'm playing around more than making, but I have got to get busy!! I am hopefully on to a wonderful venture!I have been wanting to get in one of our local huge antique malls and I finally have my chance. I don't quite know which direction to go in, but I am going to gather my junk up and see what I can come up with...God's in this:-) Will keep you posted!

  5. Hello! I just came by to thank you for joining my blog - I saw your name, and just HAD to come take a look around your blog! And I am so glad that I did, I think I am really going to like it here! Thank you so much for putting my button on your side bar, I appreciate it very much! Have a great week, and it is very nice to meet you!

  6. Hi Dawn!
    Thanks for stopping by! I am fairly new to this blogging adventure and I am so taken with it! Your blog is wonderful! Nice to meet you too and visit me anytime! Best, Vicki