Monday, May 17, 2010

I wanted to end this year with a *SUPERFUN* activity...art class is always fun, but some days are more memorable than others. We needed an outdoor activity!!! The weather most days has been beautiful! The primary kids' energy and excitement over the end of the year has been well...off the chain...on the ceiling...over the top...straight to the moon! 
(For some reason the words to "Killing Me Softly" keep floating through my head...just the title words...and yes, they are killing me!!!) It's a wonderful way to go, however, I am ready for the summer!!

We needed something with mucho movement, and room to roam. So outside my art classes wiggled, with paintbrushes, huge cans of water and sidewalk chalk...and questions, excitement, awe and laughter!

I have posted about this briefly, but I thought today I'd post some pictures. I am on a 4 day rotation this year so I didn't spend an entire week going outside, I carried a group a day over several weeks until each group had participated. 

They had a  BLAST!! 

Of course, there were guidelines, but basically I just turned them loose to create. I gave suggestions of things to draw, and that was a great way for me to review the students. They were painting with just water and they loved painting on the side of school! They quickly discovered they could mix the water with the chalk on the sidewalk and make a form of paint. This activity was definitely a hit!

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  1. Those kids look like they had a blast...All I am doing at school is re-testing re-testing and more re-testing...Thanks for letting me know about facebook... I don't follow, so didn't know! Cool, Lezlee