Friday, May 21, 2010

This hangs in my very colorful kitchen. It is one of my mosaic projects using a tray I acquired from a roadside shopping trip, it was RED in it's PRIOR life.
( ;-)LEZLEE). It also had an ugly botched decoupaged picture in the middle...el tacko!  The photo is not the best because I used my Snag It program to well, snag it from another photo that had Christmas decorations in it also. I just wanted the tray! The tiles I used are linoleum flooring samples that I picked up at one of my Saturday yard sailing jaunts. They were in the cutest little box and I savored them for a while before I finally decided where they would take up residence. So, I painted that ugly roadside tray BLACK and placed those cute little sample tiles over that el tacko decoupaged picture and made myself a colorful art piece for my colorful kitchen. One of the best things about using the linoleum sample tiles was that I could use scissors instead of tile clippers to cut the tiles to fit the corners. Things like that just make Life Grand!


  1. Wow, this is a very creative project! Never thought of using a material like that- looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. great use of the flooring samples... like your tray. And it's easy to clean too, I bet.

  3. So glad your joined the party!!! I love this roadside tray and the way you fixed it up! I hope you get to visit some of the other entries! Lezlee