Sunday, September 19, 2010


These are not the best photos, 
but all I have at the moment. 

This is my new booth at the 
Big Peach 
Antique Mall.

 It's called...

I am having a wonderful time 
stocking and playing,  
but I am having some 
difficulties with
the arranging of my *stuff*. 

I took these pictures so I could sit 
and ponder all my plunder. 

I do not enjoy seeing all the other booths through my booth, but really there is nothing that can be done about that since there are over 160 booths side by side in this huge building.

It is difficult to tell what belongs to my booth and what belongs to the superhero booth behind me, or the many, many dishes lady beside me.
And then there is the stacked to the top antique furniture booth on the other side. 

In fact, after I first put the booth together and took a few snapshots, 
I was confused by some of the things I saw. 

I nearly had a fit while looking at the photos and seeing a sign that said 25% off in my booth.

I yelled to my husband that someone had slipped a sign in my booth! 

(see the sign?)
The sign was actually in the superhero booth behind my booth, and it only looked like it was in my booth in the picture. 
All in all, however, I am so pleased to have my booth. 
I have already made several sales and it is so much fun gathering, plundering and trying to decorate this tiny little spot in a big, big place.

Suggestions taken and greatly appreciated!



  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my potting shed...........even though it was filled with stuff in that post. But then, seeing you are also a 'junk gypsy' and dealer you understand only too well! When we find treasures we have to stash them somewhere.

    Love your things and wish I was closer.....I'd have to move the French blue 'Dream' table to my new booth, just love it, also the little chair. Looks like you have a great thing going there - even though display is sometimes difficult with such a lot around. If you view my last post you can see how SuzAnna's Antiques actually made our booth enclosed so you can hardly see into the neighboring booths which is great!

    Happy shopkeeping and have a great school year.
    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air.

  2. Good Luck to you on this adventure. I have to say, my house looks a bit like your first picture!! I have far too much stuff in a tiny house. Perhaps I should just open the door and say come in and buy!!
    Hugs xx

  3. Looks like you are having fun selling your stuff. I do not know if I have the heart to sell things. I hoard therefore I am. You get the idea. Thanks for visiting my little slinky tale of yesterday. hugs♥olive

  4. Oh yes
    I seen things I wanted. Loved the mail box. So glad to find your blog from your sweet commment on mine. I will be back


  5. My very first post shows my booth, not very good pics because they were copied from another site, and before we had much stuff, but I used chicken wire walls with a lacy tablecloth tacked on the back side of one of my skinny shelves, so the stuff next to mine could not be seen. I had a very skinny area, but the good part was it was next to the bathroom, on one side, so I could put stuff on both sides of my chicken coop wire walls, which in their Prior life, my Moma used in the 70's and 80's.

    I love your stuff, and am glad you are in a big, busy place!