Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat.

This week sadness came to our community. 
Two sisters were killed in a car accident. 
Two sisters that were very active in our community,
two sisters that were fun loving and full of life. 
The oldest sister was a former student of mine. 
I taught her art when she was in the fourth grade...
so cute, and bubbly. 
She loved to make art.
She always made me smile. 
She was driving the car  that also carried her 11 year old sister. 
Her baby sister died first. 
The family has had to make decisions
this week that no one should have to make 
concerning their children. 
Two beautiful sisters, 
granddaughters of Virginia, 
a wonderful nurse who cared for my mama, 
and brought her granddaughter to work for visits in the nursing home. 
The granddaughter, that was one of my art students,
was always glad to happen upon me sitting in my mama's room. 

It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat. 

Middle school and high school students are having to deal with loss. 
I put students on the bus that morning in tears, having just heard the news. 
How sad to have to go to school with a heavy heart, and unanswered questions.
They lost two friends, softball and soccer team mates,
their innocence and their hearts.

It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat.

Please pray for Leslie and Bridget's family, 
their parents and siblings...
pray for Virginia, 
their grandmother who is struggling with her loss, 
and for our community, 
especially our sweet children 
who have had their hearts broken,
and have learned that life is not always sweet.

It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat. 


  1. Such sadness in a blink of an eye. So so sorry. x

  2. So very sad. I live in a small community, too, and know how deeply affected are many, many people when someone very connected dies -- ESPECIALLY a young person. And to have two, from the same family -- very, very tough. I will certainly have Leslie and Brittny's family, your school district, as well as the whole community in my prayers.

  3. My heart breaks for the family and your community...I will be praying! Laurel

  4. Oh how sad. Naturally, they will be in our prayers with hope for healing.

    "Her" and Romeo

  5. Oh, this is so sad...I can't imagine. I am sending prayers...XO

  6. So sad...how tragic for the family and the community.

    Sending prayers...

    Pat...your number 79