Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whew!! I've spent the week moving my resale booth from one side of the huge antique mall to the other. I am still not completely finished placing everything, but here are some pictures of some of my progress...

This is my new *WALL*...trying to block out the other booths around me. However, that is an almost impossible tasks when there are close to 200 vendors showing their wares.
This is the back of the *WALL*...bi-fold doors attached to a counter. Not lovely from the rear, but they work fairly nicely from the front.
This hardware cloth screen has been with me for close to 35 years. I used it in art shows for many years, and while it looks a little skimpy with the rest of my booth, it serves it's purpose well.  I have hung more things on it since this picture was taken.

 I've got to get back to it! 
It is cold and rainy here and it is putting a damper on my spirits. 
Also, our Gypsy disappeared this morning. 
Bill let her out along with our other dog Zoey at around 7 a.m. 
He closed the side door and walked to the back porch door to let her back in...that is the usual routine, but only Zoey was there. 
In less than 3 or 4 minutes she vanished. 
We have walked the woods and checked the creeks, but it has been storming and she is deathly afraid of terrible weather. 
We are so sad and just stunned. 
Pray for Gypsy's safety, please.

Well, that's my booth for those of you who have asked to see it.
I've had great results in my smaller booth, so I am hoping for even better sales in my 
bigger, corner spot.


  1. I was quite happily reading about your booth, thinking lovely happy thoughts, thinking how nice you had made your space and what a lot of lovely goodies you have for sale, when you mentioned Gypsy and I immediately felt sad, I hope she is ok and I hope by the time you read this, she is home, safe and none the worse for her disappearing act, fingers crossed xx

  2. Good luck with your larger space and I will pray you find Gypsy very soon!

  3. Looks good from this end. I love that black basket! Good Job! Luv-Loretta

  4. Your booth is lookin' good...must have been quite a job moving all your merchandise but adding more space to open it up so that there's more room for merchandise and customers always is a good thing.

    Hoping your dear Gypsy is home by now...safe and sound.

  5. I am SO hoping you find Gypsy soon...I know you must be very worried! XO
    Your new space looks wonderful...I love the antique fruit print and the large dark basket...

  6. I am so sorry to hear your Gypsy is missing. Please let us know if she returns. I hope she is just hiding. Your space looks wonderful and I would check out the dark brown basket if I was close enough to shop your booth.

  7. I guess no Gypsy, or you would have posted...I'm sorry.

    The booth looks great I love the fruit pics, too and the red letters...did you make them? Thanks for the pics! Round Top was soooooooo awesome!


  8. Yo, Art Teacher Girl...I'm looking for a creative way to use used Keurig cups. All I've seen so far is to plant seedlings. Duh. What cha got?? Seen anything? Janie Mae

  9. Good luck with the bigger space! I like your "walls" you built. It does make a difference when you're shopping. Makes you focus on that booth instead of the three or four other ones right behind it.