Friday, August 19, 2011


Is the Artteachergirl 
ever going to blog again? 
I hear all of you asking that question, 
inquiring minds need to know, I guess. 

I've been lazy this summer, 
and we've traveled a lot...
I've been here, checked in,
and I've kept up some with my favorites, 
but I've had the blogging was wells. 
Just not in the mood, but I think I am coming out of my funk a bit.

I am back in school now and getting into the swing of teaching 
my new little artists. 
However, I did have to take 
a week off from school, 
and drive to Maine again to pick up Jared from his music teaching job.
What a fortunate boy he is to get to spend his summers in the cool Maine weather! 

This trip was not as eventful 
as the trip up to take him to his job. 
There was no robbery this time, 
thank the sweet Lord! 

We stayed in Ludlow, Vermont this time and drove into Maine for a short bit to pick him up. 

Our hotel for this trip was found on Groupon Getaways. You do Groupons, right? If not, you are missing out on some wonderful deals!

We also stayed at a sweet B&B 
in Marietta, Pennsylvania. 
Here we found the best pizza we have ever eaten!

On this trip we saw areas we had not seen before and got to know another little section of our beautiful country. 
Our country really is a magnificent place! 
I know America is hurting financially, 
and I feel spiritually too, 
but we are still a strong and wonderful land. 

Without going off on a political direction, 
I would like to say this...
I feel we should all stop saying how bad things are and start saying how wonderful things are here in the USA! 

 An Amish girl riding her bike along a road in Pennsylvania...
wonder where she was headed?
 A bench dedicated to three young men who gave their lives for our country. We stumbled upon this in a park behind the Methodist church in North Conway, NH. A very touching tribute...made my heart smile.
 A covered bridge not far from the spot where Jared teaches. He found the bridge with some of his friends and shared it with us. A beautiful area and a beautiful time spent together. 
It was off of Frog Alley Road...love the name!

 Hershey, Pennsylvania where the air smells like chocolate! 

We only got to drive through Hershey this time, but we will definitely make time for it next trip up.

We are truly blessed beyond measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over! 

I feel terribly for all the Americans suffering now from the economy, 
those experiencing the results caused mostly 
by the greed of others. 
However, Americans are strong, 
and I have photos to prove 
we live in a land that will survive!

Now for some funnies we saw along the way...

 Things seen along the back roads. 

The gnome made our day, he was a cute little surprise sitting in a car next to ours in a restaurant parking lot.

     You can decide about the nude beach sticker...

                          Best, Vicki

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  1. Wonderful road trip photos - I love the winking gnome!
    I have always wondered why in some rural areas you have covered bridges - they are beautiful