Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The thing is...

I'm in love 
with New England. 

As a mother weeps for the heartache carried by her child, I weep for the heartache that is now carried by the people of the place 
I have come to long for. 

Less than two weeks ago, 
my family was traveling 
the now washed out 
roads of Vermont. 
We crossed every state line,
between Georgia and Maine. 

Most states belonging to those lines are now ravaged by Hurricane Irene. 

Wilmington, Vermont, 
one of our favorite burrows, 
was likened to an island today on NPR.

Let us pray!

 Today on NPR one of the town officials was describing all the damage, and things that are gone now. The interviewer said 
"What about your Main Street?" 
He replied "All of that was our Main Street".
So sad that most of it is gone.
 I had my picture made sitting on this bench.

 We ate here on our second trip to Wilmington. I almost bought a T shirt that read EAT AT DOTS...wish I had it now.

 Irene's helper.

 The bricks were on a path under the wonderful pergola and near the stone bench.

 Are you listening Hurricane Irene?

Wilmington memories

Found this link on the Wilmington website...amazing photos of the devastation. The Baptist church and Dot's restaurant are shown.

more later...

Best, Vicki


  1. Sad connections to beautiful photos, but Americans being Americans - they/you will re-build - it is your 'pioneering' spirit - something I suspect uk folk lack - xx

  2. Hi Vicki--Thanks for posting all the lovely "before" pictures of Wilmington. I haven't been up to see the aftermath because RT.9 from Bennington is still closed. If you're familiar with Wilmington you may have seen the high water mark painted on the side of the police station that shows how high the water rose during the last big flood ('38?). I always wondered how the water could ever get to that level...now I know. Have faith...we're Vermonters and we will put it all back together. (I work in Readsboro and we're opening on Tuesday).
    I have more photos on my blog...including the photos of Dot's.
    We hope you will come back to Vermont next summer and see that beauty grows here.

  3. Your pictures are so lovely, and then to see the after...praying for them that they can restore their towns...

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Vermont!! It has been devastating to watch the news and see what is going on there. My husband's National Guard unit is heading there to help with clean up and get the roads repaired. Living in Maine, we escaped the brunt of the storm. I live about a 1/2 hour inland and we only lost power for about 21 hours. Not too bad considering what happend throughout New England. Thank you for your prayers and the wonderful post regarding such an Enchanting State!