Thursday, March 31, 2011

There are many, many things I love about being an ART TEACHER...too many to list. 
However, at the top of the list is displaying my students' artwork. 
Sure I love to show their work off, but it also is a time for me to take stock in my teaching. 
It shows me I have accomplished something. 
Something more than spending my time 
handling discipline, 
fulfilling requirements of the powers that be, 
and going through the motions of my day.
It shows me that I have had fun!!!
It really is a blast to teach the age I teach. 
At 5, 6, and 7 years old they are all excited about everything you introduce to them.

And do they ever love to make ART!

 March is...

Here's my students' work that was on display at our local mall as part of the YAM celebration...

Hundertwasser style portraits and Cardinals in Winter...all big hits!

We studied Claude Monet. The snail was part of a lesson on the life in Monet's Garden.
Don't you just love the expression on the top pig's face?
Crazy about this frog!! It was part of the life in Monet's Garden also.
Waterlilies and bridges are always favorites. We pretended to take a trip to Paris to see Monet's water gardens. We traveled through video with a little girl named Linnea.

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whew!! I've spent the week moving my resale booth from one side of the huge antique mall to the other. I am still not completely finished placing everything, but here are some pictures of some of my progress...

This is my new *WALL*...trying to block out the other booths around me. However, that is an almost impossible tasks when there are close to 200 vendors showing their wares.
This is the back of the *WALL*...bi-fold doors attached to a counter. Not lovely from the rear, but they work fairly nicely from the front.
This hardware cloth screen has been with me for close to 35 years. I used it in art shows for many years, and while it looks a little skimpy with the rest of my booth, it serves it's purpose well.  I have hung more things on it since this picture was taken.

 I've got to get back to it! 
It is cold and rainy here and it is putting a damper on my spirits. 
Also, our Gypsy disappeared this morning. 
Bill let her out along with our other dog Zoey at around 7 a.m. 
He closed the side door and walked to the back porch door to let her back in...that is the usual routine, but only Zoey was there. 
In less than 3 or 4 minutes she vanished. 
We have walked the woods and checked the creeks, but it has been storming and she is deathly afraid of terrible weather. 
We are so sad and just stunned. 
Pray for Gypsy's safety, please.

Well, that's my booth for those of you who have asked to see it.
I've had great results in my smaller booth, so I am hoping for even better sales in my 
bigger, corner spot.

Monday, March 28, 2011

 For sweet folks like 
Cathy at acorn hollow, 
and all who still have snow, 
but are longing for spring.

Here is a bit of spring 
from my Georgia yard...

 These are my cherry trees which are in full bloom now.
Dogwoods blooming 
in honor of Easter.

More Cherry Trees

 Lady Banks Rose...definitely getting a trim after her blooming stops.

Leaves are still falling and my yard needs a really good cleaning, 
but everything is still so beautiful!

We are headed north soon to Maine, so I hope Mother Nature 
gets her act together quickly. 
I love snow, but not in the spring!

Hope these spring pictures brightened your day.

Here's someone else who is enjoying spring, Miss Gypsy Rose!
Is this not the cutest picture?
She wants to stay outside all the time, and has recently discovered squirrels!

 For those of you who know about Duncan, and all of his recent troubles, he is much better now. 
The stitches have been removed from his eye and his beautiful baby blues are 
almost back to normal. 
Maybe I should have named him Frank, 
since his eyes are so blue.  
I love this quirky cat!

Oh and here is one more blooming thing at my house...
my side door;-)

Enjoy your week! 


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not too much going on here...
today I moved into my new, larger booth at the 
Big Peach Antique Mall. 
It's a corner booth and my Bill used bi-fold doors to create *walls* for the booth. He attached them to the counter that I used when I had an Art Gallery and Frame Shop way back in the late 70's. 
Yeah, I keep everything! 
It's only 20 sq. feet larger than my original booth, but it feels like a mansion.
I'll post pictures later, when it's all stocked and looking good.

It's Spring Break so I will be busy this week, 
cleaning my house, working outside in my garden, 
and working in the booth. 
Good times!!
So much to do! 
Don't give up on me, I will be back soon!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat.

This week sadness came to our community. 
Two sisters were killed in a car accident. 
Two sisters that were very active in our community,
two sisters that were fun loving and full of life. 
The oldest sister was a former student of mine. 
I taught her art when she was in the fourth grade...
so cute, and bubbly. 
She loved to make art.
She always made me smile. 
She was driving the car  that also carried her 11 year old sister. 
Her baby sister died first. 
The family has had to make decisions
this week that no one should have to make 
concerning their children. 
Two beautiful sisters, 
granddaughters of Virginia, 
a wonderful nurse who cared for my mama, 
and brought her granddaughter to work for visits in the nursing home. 
The granddaughter, that was one of my art students,
was always glad to happen upon me sitting in my mama's room. 

It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat. 

Middle school and high school students are having to deal with loss. 
I put students on the bus that morning in tears, having just heard the news. 
How sad to have to go to school with a heavy heart, and unanswered questions.
They lost two friends, softball and soccer team mates,
their innocence and their hearts.

It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat.

Please pray for Leslie and Bridget's family, 
their parents and siblings...
pray for Virginia, 
their grandmother who is struggling with her loss, 
and for our community, 
especially our sweet children 
who have had their hearts broken,
and have learned that life is not always sweet.

It's amazing how lives can change in a heartbeat. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011



 My Bill was cutting the grass last weekend,
and this sweet little rabbit 
was trying his best to find safety in the
holly bushes that surround my porch. 
Bill turned off the mower and they sat there looking at each other for about 10 minutes. Luckily, I could slip down the steps and hand Bill the camera so he could get these shots. 
The rabbit finally turned and made a fast retreat into the woods, dodging the cherry trees and the blooming Bradford pears.

Yesterday, as I was going to work, two deer were standing in the edge of the woods near my car. 
I think they were probably checking to see if my Hostas have come up.
They turned and made their way zig zagging through the trees. 
My heart finally started back.

Spring has arrived in our neck of the woods.

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