Thursday, December 23, 2010

Created with a halo from a horse's tack, and wire wings from a mystery piece, this Joyful Junk Angel is holding a wreath during this Christmas season. 

I made her for my resale booth...my junk angels are flying out of there...but I think she will stay around our house for awhile. 

She's a bit of plus size girl so she fits in really well here. All of the wood used is very hard, so I guess you could say she's really hard headed too...even more reason for her to stay with the determined lot in my home.

Her elegant footing is an old lamp base. Lucky for me it fit perfectly into the porch post. The porch post was purchased at the Historical Society Flea Market sale that I wait for each year. It is by far the hardest wood I have ever tried to drill into...resorted to gluing most of the parts together. The post was created in sections too.

Every girl needs a little glitz...
necklace was created by a former student and adorned another project until I snatched it.

I'm linking my Joyful Junk Angel with Beyond the Picket Fence...stop by for a visit! 
There's lots of under $100 gifts to see there!

Of course she's on JunkMarketStyle!


  1. Love the angel...so glad they are selling well, too! Lezlee

  2. Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year, Ginger

  3. Your dog is soooo cute!!

    I appreciate you stopping by my blog. Thanks so much for your kind words Vicki....who would have thought losing a blog could be so devastating....I am still so sad to start over, but it is a good feeling having gotten over the first hump...

    Have a great holiday weekend!