Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm up late...
my usual thing to do when I am out on a break from school. 
I love staying up late, in a semi-quiet house. 
Tonight's background sounds are coming from upstairs. 
My son is practicing his double bass and 
the metronome is keeping time with a soft clicking sound. 

Other sounds are from the movie "Eat, Pray, Love"
I am trying desperately to keep up with the story!
It's a good movie, but a little deeper than I need right now.

Another sound is the crunching sound from the Chex Mix I shouldn't be eating.
Oh well...for now I'll eat it, I'll pray about it later and I love it...

Listening to my son playing up stairs as caused me to be a 
Contemplating Mama tonight...
He will soon be 25 years old.
A quarter of a century. 
Where have the years gone?

Along with sitting and trying to watch Julia find her purpose in life, 
I am looking at my Christmas tree...
stay with me now, 
I am rambling 
with a purpose...
there are ornaments on that tree years older than my son, 
and there are some just a few weeks older than he is.

When I was pregnant with him I had a bit of trouble right before he came into the world and the Dr. put me to bed. Not one to just sit, or lay in this case, I had to do something to pass the time. 
So with a craft book beside me in the bed
I tried my hand at the German paper cutting art...  
It was a learning experience but I managed to make 
Scherenschnitte Christmas ornaments.

They've been on our tree each year for 26 years now, 
and held up fairly well. 
We have our own little paper Nativity scattered over the tree...

I know there is probably a sermon in this, but this year I misplaced the Baby Jesus. I should find Him and post Him. 
Maybe along with that sermon. 

 When I look at these ornaments each year several things go through 
my mind and heart...
how fast time flies, how I made them as I waited for the birth 
of my one and only 
and how I heard as I was watching TV from the bed 
about the death of one of my favorite art students. 
He was killed far from home in Newfoundland after joining the military. 
He was around 14 when I taught him art in my gallery and frame shop. 
He loved to draw army planes and tanks, and no matter what we were drawing for the class, he would work them into his picture. 
He was very tall for his age, and would have been a wonderful soldier.  
That was an emotionally mixed time... sad for a loss, but mixed with happy anticipation over my son's birth. 
Also, a time of satisfaction for finishing the paper cut ornaments, and learning about a new art form.

OOOOOO one more...
A dough ornament I made when we first got married almost 29 years ago...I pushed the dough for the lions mane through the holes in a salt shaker top, and then covered the entire piece with Mod Podge.
Still one of my favorite ornaments.

A little bit more late night rambling...

I visited my 85 year old Aunt Kathryn today. She is still full of life though her memory is fading. I took Gypsy with me...Aunt Kathryn plopped right down on that floor with her! 
I guess I'll have to wait for 85 to do that cause 
I certainly can't do that now!

 I love her dearly!

Late night contemplating my blessings...
 a family, memories, movies, ornaments and...

the Baby Jesus!
He's always there...sermon over.

I am joining in the merry making at  
Bobbypin's Boardwalk's Bragfest,
Savvy Southern Style, and 
Common Ground...
stop by! 


  1. What a lovely post Vickie, it doesn't matter how 'old' your baby is, they will always be your baby. I think that when I look at my two and wonder where the time went x And the paper nativity scene cut outs are lovely too.

  2. Also meant to say - like your new 'Avatar' photo :)

  3. Such a sweet post. Love those ornaments you made and I know they hold sweet memories for you. Wow, your aunt is very flexible. Something to look forward to. ha. Thanks so much for joining the party.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. It must have been relaxing to cut out those ornaments while you were waiting for your son to be born. Amazing that they have held up so well. Great post.

  5. What a touching post. The paper cut ornaments are true treasures as are your family members. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Very nice! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! ♥

  7. This is such a lovely post, Vicki! I love your special ornaments... it's amazing the memories which come flooding back as you contemplate some of the old Christmas pieces! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Thank you everyone! Each year I expect to find those ornaments looking a little sad, but each year they are there to make our Christmas special.
    Merriest Christmas to all of you!

  9. Aww, I love your memories, even the sad ones have thier happier times in our hearts. and your Aunt does remind me of my 85 year old moma. The ornaments are wonderful and gotta' love the mod podge, after years of my moma using it in the 70's, we really used it for our Christmas deco this year.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, hope to have more blogging time soon!