Thursday, December 2, 2010

It sold...my sweet, old school table. 
The table, that I have loved for more than 15 years, left my resale booth yesterday. 
This almost "Martha Stewart green" treasure was bought at a surplus sale, 
along with 2 other tables. 
Bought shamelessly cheap, and sold for shamelessly more. 
Though they were all the same
ridiculously cheap price, 
one table in the bunch (wonder if there is a name for more than one table, you know like a gaggle of geese?)...bunch works here...
one table was huge. 
My Bill refinished the huge one, and we used it for many years as our computer desk...
now it is used for an extra dining table...
carved words in the top and all. 
All tables were bought with thousands of little blobs of chewed gum stuck underneath. 
Very colorful gum, I might add. 
One table is a gorgeous, 
but chalky deep blue,
and is in my basement with only 3 legs, 
and the 4th leaning against it,
waiting for a repair fairy.

Ah, but this little green table that sold...the one that sat on my screened porch, had a tiny little drawer (where I stuck treasures), 
and a pull out writing desk; 
this little table now lives with someone else. 

SIGH and YES! 

When I opened my booth 
I needed more display areas.
My booth is very, very, very small 
and there is hardly room for the merchandise, 
let alone tables and shelves.  
I thought the table would look cute in the booth and I wanted to change up my porch.
I really didn't want to sell the table, 
but decided well...
it's just a table. 
It is just a table, a precious table, 
and now it's not mine anymore. 
However, I am doing well with my booth, 
and I think I'll repair that little blue table
so it can have a new home too.
The big refinished table? 

No way! 

unless...a shameless price comes along


  1. Gosh, it is so thrilling to sell something, but yeah bittersweet, too. On the other hand, if you don't sale some things you love your booth will not be a success and you will not have room for something else to love, Lezlee

  2. I find it a lot easier to part with something if I get a shameless price, too LOL, but I know just what you mean!

  3. Congratulations/Condolences on the sale of your table. But it's really little surprise, that baby looks darn cute! I think most of us have certain pieces we just get attached to, but now someone else will have the opportunity to love it too! On to the blue table.

  4. Thank you thank you for the instructions for the turkey masks - that was very very thoughtful of you!

    I have two old school desks, complete with scratched in history and we love them. One my husband shortened the legs so it transformed into a coffee table (complete with hand drawn chess board and layers and layers of varnish) and the other is in our bedroom at the bottom of our bed, the drawers holding my earrings and other trinkets and the top the perfect landing spot when I am putting away the clean laundry.

    I would be sad to lose them - so can feel for you :)

  5. i so feel your pain! i recently had the same experience...something i kinda wanted sell and kinda didn't! i guess the good news is that now i have a little cash in my pocket for shopping...which makes me really happy!