Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't let the stare fool you! Violet's inviting you to walk over to Bloomin' Tuesday 
and join the fun! 
Violet looks like she really doesn't care, but she's glad you are here for another tour of the garden! Oh my hydrangeas! I have waited for blooms like these for such a long time. There are 10 bushes, but this is the first year ALL of them have bloomed and put on such a show! In fact, I didn't even realize I had the white one in the garden until this year. I thought all were blue.
There is also a red one, but it lives in a pot.
This is Pineapple Sage, and it is very happy where it lives! The purple is Hyacinth bean and it was planted today to grow over the arbor with the red climbing honeysuckle. The red honeysuckle takes me back to the home I grew up in. My mama had a huge one growing on an old wagon wheel in our front yard. I am interested to see how the Hyacinth bean does there...I hope I haven't created a monster on arbor. More later...

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