Friday, June 11, 2010


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I really need to get something off my heart...I think of myself as a kind person, but I have been having resentful feelings over one of my favorite yard sale purchases...there I have confessed.
Each year my small town is part of a yard sale called Beaches to Peaches. The sale stretches from my sweet little town to the coast of Georgia, and there are 100s of yard sales set up all along the way. I'm usually overwhelmed and try to just see every one in my area...I've never gone all the way to the coast, but one day I will! 
At one of the sales I hit the jack pot on burlap bags. I had no idea what I would do with that many bags, but I knew I had to have ALL of them. I spied the bags under some boxes and tools, and after much digging and tugging I pulled out the burlap gold...but they weren't priced.
There must have been 6 or 8 bunches of the burlap bag stacks. Each bunch of bags had 30 bags in the stack. I took one stack of 30 to the owner and asked the price for the stack.  As I was asking how much for the stack another lady was listening...when the guy said $2 she pushed passed me and had her husband grab them all!! All the bunches of burlap bags I had dug from under all that stuff!! 
I guess all is fair in love and yard sales, but I was so disappointed. I would have divided them with her, even though I found them first. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter, I probably never will use all the bags...I am just beginning to make pillows from them, and I am hurting my brain trying to think of other projects. I overheard my challenger saying as she very smugly walked off with her burlap stash something about using them for a reunion sack race...what a waste of some beautiful bags. Seriously though,I have no bitter burlap bag baggage over this. 
Wonder if she's up for a pillow fight?


  1. You will be amazed what you can do with all those bags...I think for 2.00 I would have scooped them up too. Thanks for joining in on the party. If you would be so kind to add my link to your post, so everyone knows you are joining in on the fun. Thanks so much.

  2. You need to shop with me because I would have knocked her down!:) My biggest pet peeve is to pick something up and someone says"That is mine". I quickly tell them if they want it they better put their hands on it1

  3. Wow, that was some weird garage sale etiquette...you hope at least she thought you only wanted one bunch, rather than just quickly stealing them out from under you! Your pillow looks great~ I look forward to seeing more creations! Great find!

  4. That has happened to me many times! Matter of fact it happened this past Saturday to me. It has happened to my dad before too. Kinda ruins your day a little. I hate that happened to you. at least you got some for a fab price!

  5. lol, I think you could take her and if you can't I'll help. How rude! I figured it was a dealer...After the picnic and the races are over she probably took them to Goodwill, oh, I guess that didn't make you feel any better.

    Well, I LOVE the pillow and God probably gave you all you could handle, but still, the nerve!

  6. Well, it is just so disappointing when something like that happens, but so glad you at least got your bunch.

    I think that the Yard Sale Angels are watching over you, cause you have surely found great stuff!


  7. You are a bigger person than I! I probably would have duked it out with her! She should have said "Let's split them"! That's the good junker thing to do! Marie

  8. Good grief! Of all the nerve! Well she will get a rash from her bags! Yours are much prettier!!!!!
    smiles, alice