Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you in love with this or what?

The very same day we saw the church in Greenville, VA, we found the moose in Bennington, Vermont. 
They have a Moosefest there. 
I had read about the moose, but did not remember where they were...
I never dreamed I would receive such an unexpected blessing. 
I'm an art teacher, what can I say?
This moose is painted in A Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. 
Amazing find for an art teacher girl!

On this Saturday we drove 14 hours, and at around 11 that night we pulled into a town, 
that was still a little lively,
in a slow motion sort of way. 
We saw people out visiting on their steps, and coming out of cafes. 
There were even some teens skateboarding. 
There were street lamps, and people strolling down the sidewalks. 

All of a sudden I saw this moose. 
I'm sure Bill thought I had lost my ever loving mind, but when I scream he usually takes action. 

I yelled, "Stop!!" 
and he pulled into the first parking space. 
We got out and walked the streets of this precious, quaint town nestled in the mountains of Vermont. 
We followed the moose tracks painted in yellow along the brick sidewalks and saw several other moose statues. 
We had to get back on the road, but vowed we would return. We did and I have lots more photos for later. 

Now the ride that followed this stop is a story within itself...
if you've ever been on unfamiliar, narrow,
dark mountain roads that twist and turn 
and turn again...
late, late at night 
then you will feel my pain. 
I am still trying to unclench my fist! 
We arrived in Manchester, NH,
at our wonderful hotel around 1 a.m...
I'm sure we did not actually speak again 
until the next morning, 
we were both still trying to catch our breath.

Don't let the wonderful moose keep you from looking at the next church I posted, it is a beautiful one. 


Me..."What does a moose say?"
Bill..."Hey! Squirrel!"
See it was late at night on those mountain roads!

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  1. The moose is amazingly fun, Vicki~ thanks for sharing it!