Saturday, August 21, 2010

We are back from our second trip to Maine this summer!  

We traveled through South Carolina, 
North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont
and New Hampshire before reaching our Maine destination. 

This trip we bypassed Connecticut, Delaware, New York City and Washington, DC. 
After sitting for hours in the big city traffic we decided it was best to go a few miles out of our way and see some beautiful countryside this time. Of course, we did enjoy sitting in the NYC traffic, watching the people and looking at the architecture, but that was only fun that one time.

WOW! Just listing the states amazes me that we covered all those miles this summer. We also went through parts of Georgia I had never seen.
Together, Bill and I took over 1,000 photos. 
I know you sweet folks would sit and look at every one of them.
However, because I was very taken with the New England churches we came upon, I think I will start with featuring a few of them.

Today, just one... 
a tiny Methodist church just down the mountain from beautiful 
Berry Hill Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Bainbridge, New York. 
We stayed our next to the last night of our trip in this wonderful 19th century home. 
After a restful night in our wonderful Inn, I couldn't wait to see this church the next morning.
I wish we had been there on Sunday, I would have loved to have attended one of their services.
View of the church as we were coming down the mountain.
 I was so mesmerized by the church, 
I didn't notice the work being done at first.
This photo makes me want to know all about the history of the church...perhaps it sits empty now and someone is repairing it for future worshipers.

This was taken the first time 
I saw the church. 
We were trying to locate our B&B... at dusk at the end of a long day of riding. Turns out we had to continue on up this long, winding road, to what felt like the top of the mountain.
What a peaceful, spiritual feeling once you see a church nestled along a quiet road...such comfort.

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  1. how serene! I pray they never widen the road~ Can't you just imagine the services that have taken place, there. Lezlee