Saturday, June 19, 2010


Line and Texture are two of my favorite ART ELEMENTS! I tell my students
ART IS EVERYWHERE, all around, you just have to put on your  
ART EYES. To prove this, I like to show them Powerpoints and videos that I have created from photos I've taken of the elements I see out in the world. Here are some of the photos I've used...
Most of these were taken at Universal Studios in Orlando, but some are just random shots of lines that caught my attention. In my classroom we do a LINE CHEER and sometimes play a game of LINE SPY...this is a great way to introduce the ART element of LINE.
 I realize this may seem like a random post, especially since I have been posting yard sale goodies a lot lately...but even those yard sale items are ART related...so it's all in one big zip lock ART bag...strange, I know, but...trust me!

Come on LINE CHEER with me!


 Ya know it's really hard being such a 
mixed up blogging art teacher girl...gotta mix in junk art, yard sale goodies, art classroom stuff and gardening with a little bit of family thrown in...if you are still here, I know you understand!
Enjoy today, Vicki!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nothing much to say about this. Yes, I am a very secure person, or you'd never see this one. It was brought to my attention that I didn't post a funky picture so this one is for the PRIOR party too. I have since shaved the mustache and given up the hat. Not as cute as our party hostess...no shiny dress, and instead of big hair,
I have a big hat! 
I'm all dressed up for a
"Pie in the Face" activity at school. Art Teacher Girl turns into the *CHEF* that made the pies...safer than being the recipient of a pie! Go ahead laugh at me...I can take it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thought you'd enjoy some of my post on JUNKMARKETSTYLE
I spent my morning at the Farmer's Market and lucky for me the Art Center was having a yard sale. My idea of heaven! The Art Center now calls our old National Guard Armory building home. Fortunately, for our small town our city leaders understand the importance of the Arts. The center needs more room for art and equipment so they were cleaning out a storage area. Most people were quickly looking and moving on...not me, I shopped and shopped, left and returned with the truck. Now my workroom will have some wonderful storage boxes and I have some very unique signs to hang. If you've never looked at the JUNKMARKETSTYLE site...tell your next of kin where you are off to, because you will be there for hours. Enjoy!

so many link ups...joined this party too...take a peek for all the fun!

Friday, June 11, 2010



One of our local antique shops sometimes allows folks to set up yard sales in their empty lot or front yard. This quaint little shop in an older home is one of my favorite places in which to disappear. On this particular Saturday I was on my way to the Farmer's Market and there in the front yard of Carrie Lyn's Antiques was this small yard sale.  
AND THERE WAS THIS CHAIR!!!! The sweet lady, Kay, said "I saw you looking at the chair...it was $75 and I marked it down to $35 but make me an offer..."  

HUH? Whatcha talkin' bout? An offer???

I said "$25??" very sheepishly. She said, "OK!!" Darn, why didn't I say "$10!" in a firm, confident way! No matter, the chair is worth much more than what I paid and while it currently doesn't have the ideal spot in my home yet, it is trying out several different spots for comfort. 
Oh yes, did I mention the cushion came with it and both chair and cushion are in perfect condition!  
Love this chair!!!

Oooooh! water that plant girl!!

 I am linking my favorite find to Debbiedoos
so click on over and join the fun at her linky party!
I really need to get something off my heart...I think of myself as a kind person, but I have been having resentful feelings over one of my favorite yard sale purchases...there I have confessed.
Each year my small town is part of a yard sale called Beaches to Peaches. The sale stretches from my sweet little town to the coast of Georgia, and there are 100s of yard sales set up all along the way. I'm usually overwhelmed and try to just see every one in my area...I've never gone all the way to the coast, but one day I will! 
At one of the sales I hit the jack pot on burlap bags. I had no idea what I would do with that many bags, but I knew I had to have ALL of them. I spied the bags under some boxes and tools, and after much digging and tugging I pulled out the burlap gold...but they weren't priced.
There must have been 6 or 8 bunches of the burlap bag stacks. Each bunch of bags had 30 bags in the stack. I took one stack of 30 to the owner and asked the price for the stack.  As I was asking how much for the stack another lady was listening...when the guy said $2 she pushed passed me and had her husband grab them all!! All the bunches of burlap bags I had dug from under all that stuff!! 
I guess all is fair in love and yard sales, but I was so disappointed. I would have divided them with her, even though I found them first. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter, I probably never will use all the bags...I am just beginning to make pillows from them, and I am hurting my brain trying to think of other projects. I overheard my challenger saying as she very smugly walked off with her burlap stash something about using them for a reunion sack race...what a waste of some beautiful bags. Seriously though,I have no bitter burlap bag baggage over this. 
Wonder if she's up for a pillow fight?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This is the view from our car yesterday as we were out spending our 28th wedding anniversary shopping, and just being together. Near one of the busiest intersections in Warner Robins, GA this family of geese decided the grass was greener on the other side. I didn't get my camera ready in time to catch the beginning of their brave street crossing because we were sitting in the car yelling "NO!! GET BACK!!" They didn't listen and they made it...thank goodness! They crossed like pros. There is no water nearby, so it must have been just a food stop. I guess Mexican food wasn't to their liking so they headed over to O'Charley's on the next corner. We all know what it's like to try to satisfy everyone when it comes to a meal, and especially that many kids!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't let the stare fool you! Violet's inviting you to walk over to Bloomin' Tuesday 
and join the fun! 
Violet looks like she really doesn't care, but she's glad you are here for another tour of the garden! Oh my hydrangeas! I have waited for blooms like these for such a long time. There are 10 bushes, but this is the first year ALL of them have bloomed and put on such a show! In fact, I didn't even realize I had the white one in the garden until this year. I thought all were blue.
There is also a red one, but it lives in a pot.
This is Pineapple Sage, and it is very happy where it lives! The purple is Hyacinth bean and it was planted today to grow over the arbor with the red climbing honeysuckle. The red honeysuckle takes me back to the home I grew up in. My mama had a huge one growing on an old wagon wheel in our front yard. I am interested to see how the Hyacinth bean does there...I hope I haven't created a monster on arbor. More later...