Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you in love with this or what?

The very same day we saw the church in Greenville, VA, we found the moose in Bennington, Vermont. 
They have a Moosefest there. 
I had read about the moose, but did not remember where they were...
I never dreamed I would receive such an unexpected blessing. 
I'm an art teacher, what can I say?
This moose is painted in A Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. 
Amazing find for an art teacher girl!

On this Saturday we drove 14 hours, and at around 11 that night we pulled into a town, 
that was still a little lively,
in a slow motion sort of way. 
We saw people out visiting on their steps, and coming out of cafes. 
There were even some teens skateboarding. 
There were street lamps, and people strolling down the sidewalks. 

All of a sudden I saw this moose. 
I'm sure Bill thought I had lost my ever loving mind, but when I scream he usually takes action. 

I yelled, "Stop!!" 
and he pulled into the first parking space. 
We got out and walked the streets of this precious, quaint town nestled in the mountains of Vermont. 
We followed the moose tracks painted in yellow along the brick sidewalks and saw several other moose statues. 
We had to get back on the road, but vowed we would return. We did and I have lots more photos for later. 

Now the ride that followed this stop is a story within itself...
if you've ever been on unfamiliar, narrow,
dark mountain roads that twist and turn 
and turn again...
late, late at night 
then you will feel my pain. 
I am still trying to unclench my fist! 
We arrived in Manchester, NH,
at our wonderful hotel around 1 a.m...
I'm sure we did not actually speak again 
until the next morning, 
we were both still trying to catch our breath.

Don't let the wonderful moose keep you from looking at the next church I posted, it is a beautiful one. 


Me..."What does a moose say?"
Bill..."Hey! Squirrel!"
See it was late at night on those mountain roads!

Monday, August 23, 2010

As promised another church we saw along our way to Maine. Some towns and places blend together after so many miles, but I believe this church is in Greenville, VA. We had spent the night in Roanoke, VA, and we were on the road that morning by 5:30. We thought we'd find breakfast along the road, but it was too early or maybe because it was Saturday morning places just weren't open. Then we saw a sign for a German restaurant and off the road we shot. But where was it? We followed the signs and we didn't see the restaurant, but we did find the sweetest little town, or a part of it. Of course, I spied the church first thing and took a picture through the car window. That's why the car wash is blocking the view of the church. I got pretty good at taking pictures from the car, but well, sometimes not so good. As we turned down the tiny, road to the church, there was a lady out for her early morning walk. She waved and smiled, and you could tell she was wondering why we were there so early. There were also youth from the church gathering beside the church for some sort of Saturday youth activity. It was a sweet scene. 

As we drove closer to the church we saw a general store next door. We thought since we couldn't really find breakfast we would go in for a honey bun and coke...real healthy...it was a diet coke. Little did we know that the store had a such a kind owner, and good cook. He cooked breakfast for us! I think it was because of the church.

I wanted a photo of the front view of the church, but there was a dog that was telling the news in a fence across from the church. The closer I got, the louder he barked and it was so early I didn't want to be run out of town.
This sounds strange, but don't you just love the cemetery on the hill beside the church? So much history and mystery there.
Look at that bell tower and steeple! And that cross and flame...Beneath the cross of Jesus, I fain would take my stand...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We are back from our second trip to Maine this summer!  

We traveled through South Carolina, 
North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont
and New Hampshire before reaching our Maine destination. 

This trip we bypassed Connecticut, Delaware, New York City and Washington, DC. 
After sitting for hours in the big city traffic we decided it was best to go a few miles out of our way and see some beautiful countryside this time. Of course, we did enjoy sitting in the NYC traffic, watching the people and looking at the architecture, but that was only fun that one time.

WOW! Just listing the states amazes me that we covered all those miles this summer. We also went through parts of Georgia I had never seen.
Together, Bill and I took over 1,000 photos. 
I know you sweet folks would sit and look at every one of them.
However, because I was very taken with the New England churches we came upon, I think I will start with featuring a few of them.

Today, just one... 
a tiny Methodist church just down the mountain from beautiful 
Berry Hill Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Bainbridge, New York. 
We stayed our next to the last night of our trip in this wonderful 19th century home. 
After a restful night in our wonderful Inn, I couldn't wait to see this church the next morning.
I wish we had been there on Sunday, I would have loved to have attended one of their services.
View of the church as we were coming down the mountain.
 I was so mesmerized by the church, 
I didn't notice the work being done at first.
This photo makes me want to know all about the history of the church...perhaps it sits empty now and someone is repairing it for future worshipers.

This was taken the first time 
I saw the church. 
We were trying to locate our B&B... at dusk at the end of a long day of riding. Turns out we had to continue on up this long, winding road, to what felt like the top of the mountain.
What a peaceful, spiritual feeling once you see a church nestled along a quiet road...such comfort.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

more-powerful-beyond-measure- Made with My Cool Signs.Net
I am thinking about using this or something like it for my new header...just playing around for now...it's a lot of fun! And no I do not have anything else I should be doing...hahaha! Really! I just walked in the door from another 3,000 mile trip...I think I'll be kicking back for a bit today.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's time to talk about what ART is...
The first day of school went so well! Probably the best I've had in my 18 years of being in this school system. I didn't realize how much I miss my little artists! I think I'll try it again tomorrow.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


You really should hop over to Junk Market Style and spend hours and hours looking at all the wonderful creations there. There are so many creative people out there! 
My post there shows this wooden piece I found at the Historical Society Tag Sale last year. I have no idea what it was in it's PRIOR life, but I loved it just time I saw it. I think it is the repetition of the holes or the structure of it. It's old and primitively made...actually crudely made would be more it, but it still has a preciseness to it. Someone took the time to make sure all those holes were lined up exactly, they didn't put much thought into other parts. However, they did put a ton of varnish on it so it is shiny. Something about it makes me think it was used by a carpenter or in an old service station. It does have a very slight oil smell. That's us right? We are precisely made, we have some imperfections, but that adds to our character and makes us worth loving too. And, OK, we have a few smells too (sorry, this is a blog based on honesty). 

Hope your week is wonderful...my students come to me on Monday...
my week will be blessed!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry, I hate I did that to ya! 
I know it's bad. 
What's worse though is me singing it! 
So count yourself blessed, 'cause you can't hear me!

It did bring back a sweet memory though. 
The entire time I could hear a dear friend's mother belting it out in her charming broken English...
she was a precious lady, had a beautiful voice, and would sing 
the real version of Summer Time at the drop of a hat. 
One of my favorite treats growing up was to go to their home and for her break out into...
Su-u-u-ummmmmer tiiiiiimmmme...
(from what I remember, she actually recorded Summer Time in her own country where she was a well known singer before marriage brought her to America)
I also loved me some of her rice and black-eyed peas cooked
Korean style...
She was a dear lady!

OK, side story is over...
I am excited to start a new school year, but I have been a bit busy on projects this summer and I am really not ready for that kind of freedom to be over. I still have lots I want to do, and I don't think I can cram them all into today and tomorrow...I do have a few I can knock out if I put some effort into it. However, I'm up for just relaxing and watching American Pickers all day!

Life's Good!

Here's some I did get finished, and when that call comes that says I can have a bigger booth at the Antique Mall these are heading that way... 

This table was found at GW for $3.03 (why do they price things like that?) Anyway...she was a bit rough around the edges and a little rickety. The chair was found at the Episcopal church thrift store(my favorite place),
it was only $2
The seat was ratted, and it was a bit flaky, but the size is precious.
I picked it up the day my heart stopped when I was a minute late getting there and missed a full size wicker daybed. I am still longing for that bed! 
I even tried to buy it from the lady that purchased it...she never even responded. Apologies, I have to keep telling that story so I feel better. 
That bed would have been awesome on my screened porch...it was only $25 and I do believe it was from Pottery Barn. 
Had some age on it, but it would have painted up wonderfully. 

Hot, hazy Georgia day...
And again... 



I promise...

whining is over!

does not a good picture taking day make...

a bit of whining.
A cheap date, 
but they make a cute pair!  

All painted with a knock off bird egg blue, from Lowe's *OOPS* bin...
then glazed and shined.
The chair fabric was a small section cut from Home Decor samples that are 4/1.00.
Entire project probably totaled $7. I got lots more projects to do with that paint and glaze...post them later.

     Summer break has been a  

so hush little art teacher, 
don't you cry!

(No song was injured in the making of this blog...really) 
And all these American Pickers shows today are wonderful!