Sunday, July 11, 2010


After a late night email I promised my blogging friend Lezlee at Prior that I would post pictures of my guest bathroom. A little over a year ago, a bumpy kitchen floor brought to our attention that something was amiss in our guest bathroom that is just behind our kitchen pantry wall. 

yucky walls and floors that Bill stripped and removed...

We had to do a quick gutting of the bathroom, removing outdated, cemented to the wall wallpaper, and beautiful parquet flooring, that 
I loved!

I turned it all over to the Lord, and to husband, Sweet Bill. 

While some of the decor is not what I might have picked I think Sweet Bill did a wonderful job with getting it all done before family came for Christmas...he only had a couple of months. You have got to imagine the room with no flooring and chunks pulled from the walls after removing the cemented on wallpaper, but he got her done. I was working on my masters, along with working daily, as he was also, but I did *supervise* when I could. I basically left it all up to him. He chose to use the same paint colors we have used throughout our house.

We've used a toasty khaki color and shades along that same color palette. 
 All Sherwin-Williams colors they are Nesuke, Ecru and Muslin and one more that escapes me. Tell you later! In our living room we painted each wall a different shade, using one of these colors, and it all blends beautifully. And painting the bathroom which is also near the living room
the Nesuke color just makes the house flow even more.  

So, here is Sweet Bill's bathroom creation, right down to the black rugs, vanity and other things 
he chose...

these switch cover is Sweet Bill's only goof, but we think it adds character

He covered the walls with beadboard at my suggestion, and used some of the decorations we had throughout the house. Other than that it's all his. Good job Sweet Bill!


  1. I love the whole remodel. It's beautiful. I'm so happy you posted the colors you used because we're planning on going with nice natural and calm colors for our upstairs bathroom. Those may just work.

    Oh, and I love the cat plaques you have hanging in there. I have the exact ones in my living room.

    Hope you have a wonderful week,

  2. Thanks, I love the paint colors, bead board and the tile choice...That beveled mirror is great, too. Bill, might have found him a new career in design! Lezlee

  3. Thanks for joining the party! Your wallpaper wasn't that bad,The bed and breakfast room we stayed in, had very loud 80's country wall paper and border. I just wanted to start ripping it down and repainting, lol. I love the bathroom, now! Lezlee

  4. Wow, nice job! You are a better woman than I, I could never keep my 2 cents to myself. Plus, I'm afraid I'd end up with a bathroom without a toilet seat! And no TP holder since no one else seems to know how to use one. Ha!