Sunday, July 11, 2010


If you noticed the beveled mirror in one of the bathroom photos and are a bit curious, 
here's how that sweet mirror came to be mine...

My mother was a stroke victim, and I had the honor of caring for her. However, after 12 years she needed more skilled care than I was able to give. That's how she came to live in a wonderful nursing home, that we call the Church Home. 

This home is owned by a precious, local church group. They are very selective in who they take in to care for, and we were truly blessed...we are not a member of their denomination. This group also has a campground where many of their members live. 

There is also a small hotel located on the campground. They hold ole time camp meetings there and they are basically like a small village, right next to the nursing home. One weekend they were having a yard sale of items from the hotel. 
They were remodeling and updating the hotel rooms and building. 

At that time I drove an old, no, very old,  
GMC Sierra 150 truck...I loved it! It was huge! It was maroon! And it had a cover on the back! 

Real classy for an art teacher girl, and junk fanatic! 
All artists and junkers need a truck!

 It was perfect for me!

Wish I had a picture...it's still in the family...I sold it to my favorite uncle. He loves it too...it's 19 years old now!   

So, you have probably figured out by now how the mirror came my way...

I filled up the back of that wonderful truck with so much furniture and junk from that church yard sale, you couldn't see the top of the cover and stuff was sticking out the back... 
The entire load was only $12, so the mirror, being part of that load would probably average out to have cost a nickel!
It was one of those, "how much do I owe you?" deals that I think shocked them, and they just picked a price for it...
a good price!! 
I had several mirrors, a brass plated lamp, other small lamps, night stands, and several chairs in that load... 
I was a happy junker that day!

Now for still a little bit more...
the other color we used in our home from 
Sherwin-Williams is Harmonic Tan. How could I have forgotten that one? All the colors work in harmony together! 


  1. You go girl!

    Keep on Junkin!

  2. Love your photo, you do look happy...And thanks for the rest of the story...Lezlee