Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm really not in a FOWL mood...
Get it? Sometimes I just crack myself up...

You know about our trip to visit the street chickens. So while I am on our feathered friends I thought I'd show you some of the magnificent photos Bill took recently while he was working his fun second job. He has his real, big boy job, but some times on weekends he works at the GA National Fairgrounds. It's a wonderful place! The fair is held once a year, but year round they have many events like horse shows, dog shows, cattle shows, wedding receptions, concerts, conventions and RV shows. It's a very busy place! It's also a very beautiful place with a huge lake and landscaped grounds.
National Fairgrounds Clock Tower

One day last week we had several loafs of bread that were going stale,
so I told him to take it all out to the fairgrounds and feed it to the fish when he went to work. 
Well...the fish got to eat very little of the bread, because of some winged seasonal visitors. However, Bill got some wonderful pictures of the visiting Canada geese and turtles that live in the huge pond.  
Uh oh...wonder if the geese have heard the loaves and fishes story?
Showing off...

Remember the post I made about the mother geese and babies crossing in front of our car at a busy intersection? I wonder if any of those geese have found this beautiful lake...it's a few miles from that intersection, in distance and safety. That's a nice thought though? I've wondered about those brave little geese many times.

Some job Bill has, huh?
The End!



  1. i love the black & white photo, it's beautiful! poor bill!

  2. Hi Vicki,
    You are now the guest artist on I Owe it All to Him! I posted it a few minutes ago for tomorrow (Thursday.) You are welcome to grab that button that says "Featured Artist" on my blog and have it on your blog now!

    I wanted to tell you because most people who are guest artists like to announce it on their blogs so their friends can visit.

    Hugs from me!