Friday, July 2, 2010

God is Good, 
God is Great, Let Us Thank Him for Dreams Fulfilled.
It has always been a dream of mine to visit Maine, and the New England states. Over the last few years I had become obsessed with this dream. However, nothing seemed to work out for us to take such a special trip.

Several years ago we planned a very detailed trip to Maine, it was going to cost more than we wanted, but we were determined to go. We watched for cheap flights, we mapped out every minute...only to have to cancel due to a family member's illness. Ok, so maybe we'll go later...family first! 
I was blessed...
And go later we did...

Enter my son, who recently finished his Masters degree and took a summer job teaching music in...where else? Maine! He could not possibly transport all of his musical instruments and necessities, so... parents to the rescue! It was a very difficult decision, but someone had to do it! You know, life's tough!

This trip, however, was not planned out to the last detail, and the only flights were by the seat of our pants. We drove over 3,000 miles from Georgia to Maine and left our only one out in the Maine wilderness with only his double bass, amps and music books. He is roughing it at a wonderful music camp where he is on faculty as a bass instructor. Really, he is out in the woods, but he has most comforts, they cook his meals and do his laundry so don't think he is in any way suffering. 
Once we dropped him off we explored the back roads,  boroughs and  coast of Maine. We stayed in a precious Bed and Breakfast in  Fryeburg, Maine. The Peace With-Inn was a wonderful home away from home, and off the beaten path.  At least two nights we had the entire Inn to ourselves. We enjoyed the sauna and the jacuzzi and someone had breakfast waiting for us each morning. Life was more than good!
America is truly a blessed land, in spite of all the turmoil she is in at the present time. We saw first hand her beauty and strength. More photos of our trip will follow, and guess what...we get to return in a few weeks to pick up our musical son!

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  1. Yea! pictures! That bed and breakfast looks perfect...how was it decorated?... and the church, looks like a picture,lol, it is so picturesque...I am staying at at a bed and breakfast in a couple of weeks, can't wait...Glad you got to go and glad you are back, I missed you! Lezlee