Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've already told you a little about our trip to Maine. We left our one and only in the Maine wilderness for most of the summer and Bill and I explored the beauty of Maine

I have no disappointments about our trip, so don't get me wrong when I say I have some disappointments...I'm disappointed that I did not get to go to one Flea Market, yard sale or Junk Store! But I'm trying to be a big girl about it, we are going back and I will get to do the junking thing then. 

On this trip we just looked and tried to absorb everything.  Many things played into my not getting to do these things. Top of the list...we had a time limit for getting our son to his summer teaching job at a music camp, and most sales are on Saturday and we arrived too late in the day. 

We did see so much so I am content...to a point. 

We did stay in Maine 5 days, and traveled to the coast and in between. Spent time at the most wonderful Inn in Maine...mostly having the entire Inn to ourselves. So no complaints...much. 

We explored and thought we would leisurely come home and stop along the way at different shops we had seen on the trip up. However, the GPS gal played a joke on us several times and we ended up sitting in some of the big city traffic jams. That took up some of our time so we headed back to the peacefulness of GA, and rested here in our paradise the last few days of vacation time.

There is another thing that you may feel is a bit silly. And only another junker would understand why I keep thinking and dreaming about some old shutters I saw by the curb, not far from the Inn where we stayed. It was too late when I spied them so we planned to stop the next morning and whisk them away to GA. 
 Sigh...we forgot to go back that route because we were so excited over a cabin a sweet lady at the Inn offered to rent us on our return visit. We went a different way to see the cabin, and I didn't give the shutters another thought...until I got back home, now they are all I can think about...do you think they will still be there later?      
                         No, me either.

I'm including a photo of a bridge I saw on our trip up. I posted it on Junk Market Style and my fellow junkers, who understand the truthfulness of it, have enjoyed it. One junker has helped me narrow down where the bridge is actually located. It's on the NH/VERMONT line. He's been under this bridge twice recently! Since we traveled over 3,000 miles this trip you will understand why I couldn't quite remember where the bridge caught my eye.

Maine is a beautiful state! As I told you earlier it had been DREAM of mine for years to go to Maine. I had stopped over in Bangor, ME on a flight to Germany, some 32 years ago, but that really doesn't count. This trip was a true blessing, and one I will never forget. When you pray you get an over abundance sometimes. With this I did, because I get to travel that way again in the near future. So my cup running over with Maine.

I could look at my pictures for hours...most were taken from the car, so some have a car mirror or GPS or a reflection in them...no matter, they are mine and 


  1. Loved seeing parts of Maine by reading your post today...thanks for sharing them! Wonder what kind of crates those were on that truck? They almost looked like wooden cages!

  2. I love your pictures and laughing and agonizing over the shutters... I have the same regret with an old ladder...Photos are a wonderful way to keep memories close...Enjoy your return trip and remind Bill about you being such a good traveler on the way up.

    I'm thinking my table is a telephone table. I paid 49.oo dollars, way, way more than I ever pay, but ...I just love the workmanship...I could have gone hog wild in Goodwill, they had all this 1920's furniture, that would have that shabby French look, if painted...Just to die far, to bad I don't have a place for them around here, or a shop! Lez