Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Paths We Take...

This is a path I made under one of my garden arbors...still needs something to give it more oomph...I think. Looking at this photo of my junky mosaic path, I started thinking about the paths we take in our lives. 
My son is at a turn in his path, he's got to decide which way to go now that he is finished with his formal education...hopefully that path will include his dream job. My husband and I are at  point in our path we are walking together where we are dreaming of our retirement days and the change they will bring for us. We still have a few more steps to make on that path, but it's just around the bend, and getting closer each day. Most of our paths look like the one I created...bits and pieces, some good and smooth, and some cracked and crumbly. A bit rocky at times, but they level out and we forget the rocky parts. Fortunately, for us God doesn't create the paths He puts before us the way I did this one. I just found old tiles and broken rocks, placed them randomly, without much thinking. Then I swept some concrete over them and sprinkled water over the concrete, and called it a day. God hangs around to make sure we make it through the rocky parts, and enjoy the smooth parts. He does leave it up to us when it comes to choosing how we will make it through those tough times, and those happy times. He gives us the tools to make our paths pleasant and fulfilling.  One way is through His word, I suppose that is His concrete. I have many favorite verses from His word...Jeremiah 29:11; John 3:16 and Romans 28 and many more. However, this is my recent favorite, and I plan to use it a great deal in my daily path I walk. It will carry me well, it's solid as concrete.
I'm linking my favorite Bible verse, for now, to 
I OWE IT ALL TO HIM...Cindy has a beautiful blog there...go take a look!


  1. I tried to e-mail you, but you don't have an e-mail account tied to your profile. May I suggest that you get one? You can get a free g-mail account with the same name as your blog and it really makes correspondence easy with your readers.
    on to your question... I put two coats of kilz on my bricks before I painted them with semi-gloss paint.
    I will never regreat doing that. It looks so fabulous still!
    have a great day.

  2. amen! He leads me in paths of righteousness...
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Vikki,
    This is wonderful and you are a profound writer...I am so moved by your analogy about your beautiful garden path and our paths in life...a perfect comparison.

    And I sure agree with you about those Bible verses...they are wonderful and I particularly love the one you picked to share...

    I love the deep lesson to be learned from it and the directive to look upon people with mercy and kindness....

    We aren't on this earth very long...I think the least we can do is try to make it a better place. Oh, your art will be on this week!!!!

  4. Wow, Vikki, I really admire you all that you have accomplished. Your post is such an encouragement as well as a trip through time. I love the reference to the garden path. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love this passage! There just are so many great verses! I like the way you illustrated your post with your pathway. Thanks!